[SDK] how to save structure or array, or Tab<>


I need user to pick up nodes form the scene, and they should be saved into lister and the scene.
TYPE_INODELIST in paramblocks works great, but I need also to have a number assigned to every picked node.

I was thinking about second TYPE_INODELIST, but I have to keet it synchronized with the first, which will give me some additional work.

Is there a way to save a structure or array or a Tab<> containter i paramblocks, I found a TYPE_TAB for param blocks but paramblocks returns error and I don’t know if I done it right, I found no references in examples.

But I found an example of Parray example, and they using Tab<> conteiner and save it in the SAVE overrided method as a chunk… is this the only way?

Thanks in advance


I found a TYPE_TAB for param

you want TYPE_INT_TAB

param_id,  _T("tab_param"),	TYPE_INT_TAB,  init_size,	0, 	IDS_PARAM_STRING_DESC, 
		p_default, 		0,


Thank you