SDK and maxScript


I know how to use python api to excute maxscript but when I excute “max unhide all” command , The script is blocked. I noticed is because a Pop-ups “This will unhide all Objects, Do you want to unhide all layers as well” blocks my script. I excute python script with “3dsmax.exe -pythonHost …” and excute maxScript in python with “MaxPlus.Core.EvalMAXScript(”…")" , how can I avoid this situation ? thanks a lot


you can use others without message dialog , or use sendmessage to close it


I wonder is there a way to prevent this, I don’t know if other script will caurse this, is there a common solvation


no silent mode for all functions , if you want to avoid them , the best way is change script , for example use ‘unhide objects doLayer:true’ instead of ‘max unhide all’


Thank you bro, I use the new command and is solved.