this is crazy. i love it. its almost beter then 3d. just change the way i look at sculpting. no s**t.


If you care, you should definitly post it somewhere in a finished Section, this gets on the Frontpage for sure.
Just amazing, don’t want to think about it, how long it takes to learn all the musclestrucure.


thank you for the process, the result is fantastic!


Wow, thank you so much for sharing this!
I have been brwosing this thread with Awe now, how can somebody be so talented?
It’s wonderful!! :slight_smile:


Thanks so much for the replies guys! Really appreciate them :thumbsup:

RicoD: haha, then you are going to have to running while carrying a very heavy clay.( This piece is a bout 16- 20 pound heavy.)

D-E-A-N: thanks a lot Sven!

Intervain:Thanks Magda! I am really hooked with sculpting ever since Gideon taught me how to :scream:

vivien82:Thanks! Sure, come and get it.

Earendil: Thanks a lot, I will try to learn to take better photos :slight_smile:

Farmer3D: Thanks man!

tanicdesigns: Thanks!

vyse-soa: Thanks! I actually submitted it to finished work 2D. But it got rejected since it is not a digital artwork :slight_smile:

Ballo: thanks!

Azurelle: Thanks Azurelle!


You have been doing a lot of practice to be able to sculpt that well and it shows.

I would love to have seen some more shots of the detailing process you use…absolutely stellar.

Congratulations on creating such a wonderful piece.


Argh! Thats really a pity, maybe if you smack one or two decent Photoshopfilter over the picture with a bit backgroundpainting, it gets a accepted… No seriously, your sculpture would really deserved to be on the Frontpage.


Can I say wow ?
WoW! :love:
I really love your sculpt, but what I love the most is your progress, that’s awesome.
Did you take some course ? You said someone helped you to sculpt better, that was a figurative course or just some tips about sculpey ?

And I didnt found anything about your painting technique, it seems that you are using an airbrush, it is right ?

And how did you do the big red mark, with a stencil or a brush ?
Thats really awesome, thats your cyclop who lead me here and I am amazed by both of these work.

Cheers :applause:


Thats awesome. It looks so intense. Very inspirational.:applause:

Where’s his other dagger? In the game he olds 2 when he fights and one when he stabs in a grab move but isn’t the other one on his back or just does it disappear? I may be wrong about that its been a long time since I’ve played it.


Bravo!!! This is a most amazing work what i saw.:thumbsup:


Extremely wow work, in both ways. :thumbsup: I love it.


thanks for the replies guys! I thought this thread is dead already :scream:

thewave: The detailing process didnt really take much time. But I will take more wip photos onmy next sculpt :slight_smile:

vyse-soa:thanks lots! Yeah, i was thinking maybe a comp for it, but I am currently working on a new project. I will prob do the comp thing on my next sculpture

prayingmantis:thanks man! I had a very brief sculpting class when I was taking 3D course at VFS. That helped me understand the clay and bulding a simple armature. I got a golden opportunity to take Jordu Schell’s class last year. There, I learnt the most on sculpting form and airbrushing.
for airbrushing, I myself am still trying to learn how to use airbrush properly, so there was still tons of trial and error during the process. For the big red mark, I just used a paintbrush with a really dissolved acrylic paint.

deusex:true that he got 2 daggers! But it was much much easier for me just to give him 1 dagger( like the concept,plus it saves me time and effort :scream: )


jmboekenstein:thanks man!


I can’t stop to drool.

I can’t !

My god MYYY GODD !!


Super nice detail muscular. Great work Herbert!. :slight_smile:


Admirable work and Total respect :thumbsup:
It`s very impressive when person can do sculpture like that :eek:
How do you freeze the chain?


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