I just realised something; This isn’t 2D, you swindler! I’ll pm you my address, you send it to me and we’ll forget all about this. Sound good?


Not 2d…but concept art…so, as your cg-talk-lawyer Mr.Pum you have to send me the subject of evidence JOKINGLY

Awesome work fella :thumbsup:


thanks for the replies guys! :scream:

jlmayen:The darker color is because its baked for about 5 hours. But I tweaked the photo a bit in photoshop so it’s easier to see the detail and the form.

vivien82:thanks, I won’t be updating for about 3 weeks( taking a long vacation, yay!)

digital-bobert:thanks!Im a big fan of your works :slight_smile:

RicoD, vincentdhs: haha, I know it’s not 2D but I thought it fits better in concept art section. I definetely don’t think it fits in the 3D category :thumbsup:

cheers guys!


Im still following this thead. Those last images are rockin’… and you, just keep on rockin’!


Hey Herbert impressive work, now you will paint it ?
after finish it, you will make it in 3d ? (like almost ever ?)

congrat :smiley:

(sorry my english :S)


OMG Y have my interest now here…

How can someone learn the basics of that kind of sculpture?
Sites? books? materials?


Wow…you are like…the god of super sculpty. Totally awesome sculptures and details…holy cow.

Approximately how long does it take you to make 1 guy?(just the sculpting part, not painting)


This belongs to the coolest things I’ve ever seen in my life! It’s simply awesome :eek::thumbsup:


holy sh** this ist amasing!


thanks for the replies guys! I was out on vacation for a few weeks. Now I finally got time to get back on finishing this.

zng-y: thanks!

manum: hey dood. Yeah, I am going to finish this sculpture up( fully painted) for sure.

snips: I learnt basic sculpting during my 3D program and took a short class with Jordu Schell afterward. The rest is mostly thru online.

Roja: Each figure usually takes me about 1 1/2 to 2 weeks to finish ( sculpting and painting.)

okazaky, sayris: thanks!

Here are some photos of what I have so far:


Man your Kratos Sculpture rocks! I see you’ve finally painted it, wow good job! Its an impressive model for sure. Love the detail, on both works.


Thanks for the reply, GreenArrow.

Here’s what I got so far. Onto the base next :scream:

Hope you guys like it,



well, I dont know what to say… very impressive work… :bowdown:

congrat Herbert



thanks manum!

Here are the final images from this sculpture. I am calling it done :scream:

I hope you guys like the end result.



wonders how long it would take for me to fly over, break in and escape with the sculpture:twisted:

Great job! I bow to thee (until I catch you off guard and run off with it) m(_ _)m


hey Herb,

another awesome sculpture, truly amazing. congrats man! :thumbsup: 5*

keep it up mate.



sheesh! This one’s just fantastic Herbert! I want one :scream: - must start sculpting in real life myself… very inspiring work!:thumbsup::bounce:


incredible. amazing to watch the process. :eek:

sooooo…can i have it? :smiley:


Awesome work man! It would be great to see this piece under some more dramatic lighting! :wink:


Amazing work like always Herbert. I really love your work…
Nothing more I could say, incredible hehe