that looks freakin awesome man!


Thanks for the replies guys!

jlmayen: its super sculpey, its a non toxic polymer clay, awesome stuff.

stuh505: agreed bout the pose, I have made a note on my mistake :slight_smile: Now I will block out the entire sculpture before detailing it. That way, its a lot easier to check the balance of the sculpture.

mirapakai: yeah, just like peachstapler says, its super sculpey. It’s very forgiving clay. and easy to work with.

J0K3R 3D: oh for sure! thats the trade mark isnt it :slight_smile: I will add it once the sculpts are baked.

Here’s an update for the weekend, tons of work needs to be done still:

Hope u guys like it



Wonderfull work, Amazing detail.

I do have one crit though, the pectoral (left pectoral looking at the image, kratos right side) its quite odd.both arms are about the same aperture angle but one pectoral is much rounder than the other.

Are you going to make the griff?


Hardcore! Awesome work, love the muscle tone! You’ve done well to capture his height and proportion, I know it’s hard to balance his muscle tone and leg size to get that effect. If I had to make crit though I would say your guy is still perhaps a bit too heavily built. It’s hard to tell why, but his face doesn’t seem quite as serious or phsycotic either? I think one of the reasons is that perhaps the eyebrows come down a bit heavy and are a bit broad in the middle making him look a bit older. Perhaps the forehead is a bit shallow too which makes him seem a bit less cunning or phsycotic if you know what I mean? Maybe it’s just the colours though that give me this impression. But don’t think of the things I said as particularly negative, when I first saw your sculpture I though it was the ****ing fantastic lol! Just though I would mentions those points, I hope it helps. Man, I want to start sculpting now!


subscribed, cause this is just way too cool. Ill be watching!


awsome and inspiring! Thanks for posting your wip!


Wow, you are very talented sculptor and not only…Compliment for you great and detailed work.
AWESOME :bounce:


very impressive work Pum ! :thumbsup:
Nothing to say

good luck


Wow! That’s bloody amazing!

I want to sculpt now. But i don’t have clay here. :frowning:


Thanks so much for the replies!:smiley:
They really motivate me to keep continuing to work on him.

I did more on the 2nd guy during the long weekend.
Kratos is now fully baked with no cracks!( first time ever!)

The pulled cloth on the 2nd guy needs some tweak to actually match Kratos’ hand, but I will bake him first then apply some putty.

Glenfx: problem noticed, but I have decided to bake him and move on :slight_smile: I will try to do a better anatomy on my next sculpture

alfy:thanks for the crit. Human heads are always really hard for me to do, but I’m planning to keep trying to make more to be better :thumbsup:

Heres the photos:

Hope you guys like it!



great to watch the progress…keep them coming! :smiley:


w00h! THE CHAINS!!!

… Now light them on fire :smiley: lol

Awsome job! The guys at SCEA are kicking themselves for not grabbing you in time. Theres always GoW3 :thumbsup:



Thanks for the replies guys!
JOK3R 3D: haha, I actually going to have to buy PS3 just for the next God of War. The series is just so good and addictive :slight_smile:

Here’s some more update. They are now both baked. I added a simple stone for them to stand on. I dont really dig the cloth thats being pulled, but I have given up working on it for now :scream:

The stone base might need a bit more love later on.



This is friggin’ briljant!

Damnation, I want one like this. Maybe you can sell it to one of those companies that make those resin kits or Todd McFarlane toys?


Man you are THE SCULPTOR! Great great awsome work!

I do some sculpting myself with clay but always had problems with the details! Yours is such a detailed work! The figures look so alive! Keep up!!!


Just amazing as usual, I never thought it would be possible to captures Kratos face in real life. :slight_smile:

Tell me, if I haven missed it, do you intend on texturing/coloring it?


Thanks for the replies guys!:slight_smile:

RicoD:haha, maybe not for toy companies. But I have been making a few for the project my company is working on :slight_smile:

BlueTiger:thanks man!Just need to right tool to get the detail.

lv-88:He will be painted up for sure.

I added a bit of detail to the base since I was really unhappy with the previous version. I think he is done on the sculpting part. Next is to start to priming them up to get ready to be painted. There probably won’t be any updates for a couple weeks.

Hope you guys like it!



Oh, man, you’re so great. I’ve got a question: why does the material have that colour? Is it because you have ‘cooked’ it? Congratulations again.


:eek: !!! subscribing and waiting for updates !!!


Super cool thread! Awesome stuff