Hi guys,

I am currently working on a sculpture of Kratos from God of War.

I picked up the art of GOW 2 and saw an amazing concept by Charlie Wen , and decided to give it a shot in sculpting it for fun :slight_smile:

Here’s the concept that I’m based on:

Here’s the most recent progress( a few days work so far):

Hope u guys like it :smiley:



WOW, the musculature looks so detailed and real! If you don’t mind me asking, what are you sculpting this out of and what kind of process do you use to detail the surface?

I’m a bit confused as to why you have gone into so much detail on the torso before roughing out the main shapes of everything…aren’t you worried that you will want to change the position or size of parts once you get the rest of the shapes blocked out??

You’ve definitely made some changes to the pose, it was a bit more extreme/comic in the concept…because he was really pushing his chest out, and pushing his head in as if he were to roar at his opponent like a lion. I’ll be looking forward to seeing the progress on this


Herbert awesome job so far… what clay are u using?!

will be popping by to see the progress for sure…


Wow, very awesome cant wait to see how this pans out, I dont know why but I think the pecks could be a bit tighter, they look a bit loose.


Great work Herbert! Just like before, i’ve always been astonished by your sculptures. Hope you played the game though, it totally rocks… anyways, if you don’t mind me giving my 2 cents, i’m finding that extra muscle underneath his bicep that’s caving into his armpit below his peck to be strange. I don’t think such a muscle exists anatomically, i believe the bicep should be bigger, so that it caves into the armpit right below the peck area instead of the extra muscle. His belly button should also be in between his second set of abs not his third.

I hope you are not too busy lately with email and private messaging, but i’ve been trying to contact you in the past few weeks. I sent you a private message and email from your site, so I do hope you get to look at it.

I’m looking forward to this getting done. I’m sure it’ll be an epic piece of work.


Thanks for the replies guys, :slight_smile:

stuh505 , Intervain: Im using the good ol’ super sculpey. I like to detail some area first before moving to other part, I know this is the wrong way to go, but I like to see a complete part before I move on :scream: . Usually after I sculpt the rest of the body part, I would go back to the finished area and do more tweaking.
I find out the pose in drawing is a little bit hard to follow on sculptures, the hip can’t go back as far, although I wish I could nail the pose better, I love how dramatic the concept is.

mikebart: I will look more into that area.

jinian: Not sure but belly button area, I think the placement differs from person to person?( not sure) But it is located in that area on the freedom of teach statue that I have.
I havent got chance to checkl my pm, will do so soon

here’s a quick update, fixed more of the chest anatomy and his right arm:


wow. thats is awesome. i cant wait to see this finished as i am a huuuge god of war fan. you seem to really be on the right path to capturing just how pised off Kratos is :smiley:


Do you have a picture of your tools that you use to sculpt with? And perhaps stand a bottle of beer or cola or something beside your composition so we can get a sense of scale? Looks very good!


great work, especially on the face :slight_smile: just wanted to say i believe the sword is a little short. i think it’s foreshortened in the painting, which makes it appear to be the length you’ve sculpted when actually it isn’t…?

edit: apparently, it’s a dagger, so the above is useless. sorry pum.


I think that the “sword” is actually a dagger so the scale is pretty spot on.


i would like to learn how to made this kind of sculpture… and yes!! we want to see your tools!! (im thinking how did you do to obtain the details of the image so accurately… but in special the fingers!! XD)


You’re awesome. I had to show this to my friend that does a lot of clay work. And now it’s making me want to try something.


thanks for the replies guys! :thumbsup:

I attached a photo of the tools that I used for him, and a photo of a mug beside him to show scale.

Here’s an update for the weekend, I tried the correct way when sculpting the rest of him. I blocked out the mass for the correct proportion.
I also added extra length on the lower limbs , and decrease the traps and lats size to get the more tall and elegant look of him.

I might start on the other dude whenever I get a chance to sculpt him.
Comments and krits are very appreciated! :slight_smile:

Hope u guys like it!


Oh my god. I’ve got a question: this material you use is like clay or like plastic? because I see it very plastic. Congratulations for this awesome job. Thanks for doing it and let us see it. Keep up!


Hey pum, it’s coming along nicely! But before you get too far let me point out that his pose is very off balance, I think he would be falling over backwards right now even though he is mid-swing!


simply incredible !!! i did clay statues but i was never able to reach this precision . can you elobarate little more on the materials (esp the name and brand of the clay) please …


He’s using Super Sculpey, an ultralight polymer clay.


AWE-SOME! Dont forget the chains welded onto his forearm though. :thumbsup:


That’s coming along really well.


And I thought it was a painting in the beginning haha

I really like this work, truly amazing details everywere! Wish you good luck and hope to see more updates soon, 5 stars work here :thumbsup: