Sculpting with curves


Im trying to sculpt a repeating “dimple” effect following a curve. So In the end I will have a long line of evenly spaced dimples. My problem is i need to paint the dimples along a very specific path. The stamp spacing wont work with curves. Is there a way to get curves to follow the shape of the model? Kind of like make live in maya?


curves are an old left behind feature… still the same as in mudbox 1.0
i dont use them…

try the steady stroke feature in the brush settings…


It’s a pity curves don’t work with stamp spacing or scattering options. I’d find them much more useful if they did. Doing something like a line of stitches would be much easier for example.

Hopefully it’s something that could be expanded in the future.


Even with the steady stroke, its really hard to trace something super accurately. All that does is make your strokes smoother. The curves not working with stamp spacing is definitely my problem here


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