sculpt+retopo+glsl timelapse videos


I have make two video of a head sculpting+modeling.


Making lowpoly on hipoly with retopo:

Final result with new glsl viewport:


It’s a pleasure to see these quality coming out of blender. My TDs are drooling, but they say that they’re all waiting for the interface refactor to jump in.

I’ve said to them that it’s all fun even now! :stuck_out_tongue:

Keep these videos coming!



Great videos endi2, i really enjoyed seeing your sculpting workflow.


Excellent videos! Very impressive work, and very inspiring! Makes me want to leave work and go home to Blend…!


What computer setup do you have?


Excellent work! I’m totally impressed.
Not so much about the end result - wich is great - but the workflow!
I’ve been trying to get a grip with Blender’s sculpt tool but it appears i have totally wrong workflow. Although i have moderately speedy pc it get’s terribly slow, even when i turn off undo. And it does not help that i do not have the patientcy.

could yoy please post those videos somewhere to download, please!




There is a download link on the vimeo page in the lower right under download. This is the original file as uploaded by endi2


Very neat workflow and output. Thank you for sharing.


Thank you for everybody.

My machine:
-amd4600 dual core
-geforce 7800/256Mbytes
-2GBytes of RAM
-a small Wacom tablet

I can use ~1.5 million quads with good speed.
With ~2.5 millon quads I can work very slow and Blender freezes sometimes.
Some help to disable undo or set undo level low.

1 quad=2 triangle

For example Zbrush can handle tens millions of quads I think…


thanks Musk, i found it.

you did not mention what op system you have

btw. did you use multires or just subdivided?

how you create tangent normal map in Blender? I always get it only flat blue.

Blender undo settings:
User preferences(the big i)>Edit methods>Undo slider


Excellent videos! Maybe these videos will help me to get more into sculpting… (never got the hang of it…)


Yeah man! Blender is definitely getting there! Well done sir Awesome vids!

Yeah ZBrush can handle 10s of millions, but it’s retopo tools could learn from how blender does this. I was amazed that you could retopo like this in Blender! I just did not know you could do that in blender until I saw your vid.

Do you have a link to information on how this is done? I wish to retopo a couple of models and Blenders tools for doing this would be awesome!

For example, how do you define the base mesh as a target for the new mesh? I was stunned when I realised Blender did this. I thought it was only really a ZBrush thing. Don’t laugh! I realise it’s not just a ZBrush thing, NOW! :wink:

Some days I still feel like such a 3D noob. :slight_smile:


Try this:


Ah! Thank you!


Yes, on there is a complete documentation and many video tutorial too!


Indeed there is. I just wasn’t looking in the right place. Thanks guys! :slight_smile:

Now, on with retopo, Blender style!


i didnt even know you could retopo in Blender!
thanks for the videos!


Probably won’t ever happen and doesn’t actually need to (I used to agree with those people). The interface is great.People please stop bringing this up in Blender threads.

Nice sculpting vids…downloading now.


How is the normal-map rendering done in a way to ensure that it maps to the retopo-ed mesh? That is, how do you make sure that the low-poly and high-poly unwrappings match up, or if this isn’t necessary, why not? I’m sure the answer is staring me in the face, but I’m not understanding that step.

Probably won’t ever happen and doesn’t actually need to

Well, it’s Ton’s top priority after Apricot is complete and he tends to get things done, so my money is on it happening. And reconfigurable hotkeys for use with custom scripts, for example, will be very welcome even for old-school Blender users. The new flexibility with windowing will also make a world of difference for users working on multiple monitors or tablet monitors.


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