Sculpey War Troll


I never really know where to post these Super Sculpey WIPS but as I see them as concept art I suppose this could be the thread.

I put together a small tutorial about using sculpey and a heat gun. Many thanks to Blacklion for putting me on to that trick.




What do you use for this?I mean what material?
Can you draw it?
Ahh man you are great.I don’t know what to tell you but i think it’s
finished.It’s perfect for action figure.


Wow! You’ve got great control of the sculpey! There are a few things I noticed that don’t look quite right, but I’m not sure if it’s just the angle of the photos or what. The head looks a little too large, even as a stylistic preference. Also, the upper legs don’t look quite right to me, especially from the side angle…but it might be the photo. I can’t exactly tell what’s going on. The texturing details on the whole sculpture are awesome, especially on the shield. Post more!


You did a really good job on this one.
Nice pose and details.
The wood texture came out really good.
Have you tried painting your maquettes yet?:applause:


:eek: That kicks such large portions of the ass. Is Sculpey difficult to work with (compared to, say, Play-doh)? What is the texture/weight of baked Scupley comparable to? I really want to give this stuff a whirl.


Wow! Very nice work. I love Minataur too especially the head, only fault for me is the hips seem a little too wide, but hey I haven’t seen any real Minataurs to know any better. I would love to see what these models look like when they are painted.

This Super Sculpey stuff looks great. Years ago I was using some white clay to sculpt some aliens, but it was a nightmare trying to get details in.

I remember using copper wire from twin & earth mains cable for the skeleton. Where did you get the galvanised wire from?


Beautiful job, southern! I’m very familiar w/ Sculpey stuff… I’m looking forward to your tut, also – as soon as i saw this, I thought: “I gotta tell him to do a tutorial on this”… happy to see you already included one!
That’s gonna be quite the challenge to paint.
Yeah, I dunno where you post a thread like this… it’s not really cg related unless you use this as the basis for some cg modeling. Hey, there’s a thought.
Just a tip for anyone out there thinking about using any of these modeling compounds: Buy a cheap toaster oven, and dedicate it to this purpose. DO NOT USE YOUR HOUSEHOLD OVEN. There are platicizing agents in the compound that leave the sculpture when you heat it, but don’t leave your oven. Each time you use the oven these agents are actively floating around, and are hazardous. No joke, keep this stuff out of your food oven.
That said, it’s a most marvelous material to work with! You gotta try it!


Thanks for the commments.

Blacklion mailed me about the position of his left foot. To be more accurate he needs to have the foot turned out to the left a little more. I totaly agree with this comment and wish I had seen it before baking off.

Wildsheep: His head is very big for his body. I wanted to get a lot of detail into his face and Dreadlocks so this was deliberate. THe Digital shot don’t really do justice to the Maquette. He seems a lot more in proportion when you can walk around him.

Rey: I am painting him right now. Just applying a base grey coat first they I will see how it all goes form there.

Hookflash: Not sure about PlayDoh. It is like Plasticine in texture and is very cool for high levels of detail. It is softer than DAZ and eassier to work with than FIMO which I find crumbly. Take a look at for more info. Super Sculpey only comes in Flesh colour which is great in my opinion as it makes you forget all about colours and makes you concentrate on texture whilst modeling

Lex: I got the galvanized wire from a local hardware store, I bought 300 meters of fine wire for about £4 (about $6 US dollars) and I got stronger armature wire from a contact in a SuperMarket. It was the wire they hang their Point-Of-Sale banners up with and is really good for the base.

Thanks for the feedback guys.



Awesome work!

I love the detail as well as the waxy finish…looking forward to seeing him painted. My one comment regards his feet…I’d imagine the toes (claws) on his left foot would point out by 15-20 degrees for some more stability, since he seems to be bracing himself. At the mo his foot alignment seems parallel, but it could also be the cam angle.

Not that it’s a problem at all, just one thing that stands out to me in an amazing piece of work.

I’d love this guy on my desktop :slight_smile:


very very nice model… I liked it a lot:buttrock:


wooooow coool
its fantastic :buttrock: :buttrock: :buttrock:



Yeah Awesome Sculpture mate! :slight_smile:


This is awsome, do you have anymore? would love to see some more of these.


sorry Nim. I only made 2 with Sculpey and this is my second :slight_smile:

'm a newbie you might say.



:beer: :applause: :beer:

Have you tried to make any dragons or winged creatures?
Thanks for posting this.Your work is astounding.


P.S.I just finnished typeing this as you posted the above,so I allready have my answer.


This is my second go with sculpey.

I have modeled with other stuff for years. I’ve made several Dragons with lifelike wings from DAZ, tea shirts soaked in resin, paper mashe, FIMO etc.

I even Made a Nazgul with flowing cloak. That was in about 1987 when Lord of the Rings was still in Cartoon and Book form to me.


Such a thing of beauty, I don’t even care if it’s not digital [plugged] If you can’t use this as reference for modeling something must be wrong. Wonderful attention to detail bud.

Also posted your tut on



Wow , Glenn , I had no Idea you were working on a sculpture , it looks amazing , very nice job.

ps : will we be seeing you around at the Z forums sometime ? or are you too busy ? :stuck_out_tongue:


Southern, you’ve inspired me to go and buy some of that stuff!:smiley:


WOW! What kind of clay is that? Nice work!