Sculpey smells like Play-doh


I’ve just started my first super sculpey model, and I was hoping for some tips on working with this.
Mainly, because its not water based clay, how do I smooth it easily?

I have an aluminum wire/tin foil armature inside. Do I have to worry about this when baking the sculpey? Airbubbles or anything like that?

My oven is OLD and inconsistant in temperature. Do I absolutely need to cook the clay at the recommended temperature, or can I cook it at a lower temperature for a longer period?

Any tips on modeling symmetrically? I notice that as I work, I tend to simply apply detail to one side of the face, like I was going to mirror accross axis when I’m finished. But with a posed character, seeing the disimilarities is a tad more difficult.


Have you read all tutorials in the Getting Started thread?They’re very good.

I bought some super sculpey and sculpeyIII along with a set of tools lately but I’m not finished with the 3D concept yet.

Can’t wait to get my hands into that.


yeah, i’ve been through there. A lot of the links are broken though :stuck_out_tongue:


You can use some Turpenoid or Turpentine applied on a soft sponge to soften some bumpiness

Also check this thread:
Petey Konig (Sculptor at Tippett) and very nice guy BTW
creating a creature with sculpey


dear god. thankyou!


Try looking on this site under the workshop heading.

You’ll find some very good stuff.

Good Luck.


Yeah that’s one of those which I was talking about earlier,good stuff indeed.


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