Scripts: some old, some new


I’m finally getting the bare bones of a website going, and as a result I now have a home for a few of my scripts. Check 'em out here. One of the scripts is not yet release-ready, but there’s a video you can watch that shows what it does. It’s called CleanCut; should be able to release it pretty shortly.

Keep in mind I’m not advertising my website! Other than the scripts, there’s nothing substantial there. I’d even post links to the scripts directly here if my host would let me. I hate free hosting, but I’m dirt poor :frowning:

Lemme know what you think (of the scripts, that is)


nice shade. checkin’ em out right now ;z

i hope you don’t mind but i put them up on mine so people can have a direct link (w/description). if you don’t want it up then i’ll just edit the post :thumbsup:

“DtS stans for Do to Selection, and that’s just what it does. DtS installs a new toolbar just below the timeline, with an input field…” 18kb

“MousePlanter is a mouse tool for scattering objects about the surface of other objects. Just select your target surface, choose the objects you want to “plant”, start the tool and off you go!..”

“When you copy and paste envelopes in the Skin modifier, it fails to copy over the endpoint locations. You can use this script instead of the default copy/paste to more easily set up a symmetrical character by sizing half of your envelopes and just mirroring each one over to the other side - end points and all (painted and manually-set weights are not copied).”

“CleanCut is a Maya-like cut-tool for 3dsmax5. Unlike the standard poly cut tool in Max, this one doesn’t leave messy edges all over the place - you only get the cuts you want!”

Video here: 150kb

“Merge SplineIK takes two splineIK chains and “sticks 'em together.” This is handy if you want to add a tail onto the spine of a character, lengthen a splineIK chain, or whatever you can think of that requires joining splinIK chains together. Simply select one chain, and then another, and when you run Merge SplineIK the second chain will be joined onto the end of the first one.”

“Use this tool to quickly replace an object with another object. The new object will assume the old object’s transformation values, and optionally its material and controllers (and therefore animation). Not much more to it!”


Don’t mind at all, thanks for the mirror :thumbsup:


changed the urls. man that cleancuts tool is NICE! when is that gem going to be ready?


CleanCut is going through some last-minute debugging and it still needs a slight interface overhaul. The test version just turns on visible vertex ticks so I can see where I’m adding verts; the final version will hopefully draw lines to indicate exactly how the cuts look as you place them.

Just little things, though; it should be ready in a couple of days. Glad to hear you’re interested, though :slight_smile:


yeah i’m definitely interested. i’ll keep in tune to see when she’s out :airguitar


Thanks for MousePlanter. I was gonna try my hand at a script like this, now I can just use/learn from yours!



Awesome LFShade! Glad to see you finally got a site up and running. Now, you just gotta post some of your 3d…
Great stuff indeed!


:bounce: What version of MAX is this for? Please, pleasepleasePLEASE tell me that Mouse Planter thing will work in 4.2-- I have to make poly hair, you could be saving my liiiiiiiife!!! :scream:


I haven’t done any testing with DtS, but I think all of these should work with Max 4.2 or above.

lowdown -
Glad you like MousePlanter! I used to only include the encrypted version with the release, but I thought I’d throw in the raw code this time in case someone wanted to peek-n-poke at it. Good luck :slight_smile:

mebamonster -
Yep, finally got a site going. Over the next week or so I’ll be populating the gallery pages with some of my stuff. If I can get my mind off scripting for a while, perhaps I’ll manage to get an animation section going. But let’s not hold our breath:wip:


LFShade do you also have that arm rig and finger rigs available for download again? I really would like to get them again. I had a format and lost them. :frowning: The finger rig allowed u to curl the fingers and rotate the joints independently. thanks


I should make another section on my site for the rigging stuff. I’ll see if I still have those files around somewhere and if I do I’ll get them posted soon. Thanks for the reminder!


Great stuff LF, very nice. Looking mightly forward to CleanCut.

I’d personally be only too happy to see rigging-related “stuff” as well, I’ve got plenty to learn in that area so that’s always enjoyable.


:love: EEeeeeEEEeeee!! MousePlanter works!! Joy!! Gleeeee!

Couple quickie questions:

Is there a way to just MOVE objects over the surface of the object I’m planting em on, if I’ve put something in the wrong spot, or does it have to be deleted and planted all over again?

Are you planning on incorporating any snap function, so the object being planted can be snapped to features on the thing it’s being planted on?


Gnarly -
Once you’ve planted an object, that’s it - it’s on to the next one, no tweaking while in the tool. But that’s why I wrote it the way I did, to let you drag each one around until you’re happy with the placement, and then plunk it down and rotate/scale it.

As to whether I’d planned to add snapping, well, it’s very possible. Nobody’s ever mentioned it before, so I hadn’t though of it. It wouldn’t be too hard to convert it into a scripted mouse tool (right now it uses mousetrack), which would allow snapping through the standard Max snaps. I’ll let you know if I get around to it; in the meantime I hope you have fun with MP the way it is :slight_smile:

By the way, you might want to look into Herman Saksono’s Advanced Painter for a slightly more robust (in certain ways) implementation of what MP was designed to be. The only fundamental difference between MP and Herman’s script is that his doesn’t allow you to rotate and scale the object after you’ve painted it on - you’d have to do that manually afterwards.


Was just tossing out some ideas… I sure don’t have any particular need for the snapping, it just occurred to me when I noticed it wasn’t doing it-- it’s still seriously darn cool as it is. I’ve been spending hours and hours struggling with a way to stick hair planes all over a head without them losing their individual pivots. Scatter or particle arrays are royally useless in that respect.

I am encountering an oddness with MousePainter, though… I keep getting the error message when I try to pick a plant object, if I fiddle with it a bit it’ll eventually go away, but I can’t figure out what’s causing it. It keeps telling me --Type error: Call needs function or class, got: undefined. Whatever that means. :curious:


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