Scripting and Rigging Reel 2012


Hi there!

I hope it’s OK I’ll post my reel here too, as it is 100% 3ds Max. I also posted it in “Character Rigging” forum.

For quite a while I’ve wanted to put together some sort of rigging + scripting reel - finally found time. Reel consists mostly of character related scripts + rigs and little bit of vehicles too.

Demo Reel 2012
Demo Reel 2012 (extended)

Extended version is for those interested, IMO it’s nice to see how scripts work compared to just showing the end result. All scripts were written in MaxScript. I’ve done some scripting over the years, but never as full-time job. Reel consists only of my personal R&D - NO commercial work. I’ve tried recently learn more “programmer like” approach to scripting. I also didn’t do research if something was already “done” as the point was learning, not originality nor finding an existing tool.

Morph and Texture Tools: Part of these are something I’ve used at some point, personal favorite is texture map blending script.

Auto Rigging / Character Rig: It’s mostly R&D definitely not ready for production use neither original, but I’m quite happy with it, as it was quite a lot of work. It’s built around modules, each part uses shared functions and structs and I tried to be as modular as I could.

Vehicle Rigging: First vehicle rig or rigger I’ve done. I first built concept rigs then turned the best one into automatic rigging script.

Scripts left out: Some tools like “real-time camera switcher” and various other smaller tools which I made were left out, mostly due to time constraints and video length.


And big thanks to certain individuals for comments and previewing of the video!


Very nice stuff! :slight_smile:


Great stuff, Sami!


Great reel, nice tools!


Very nice work. :slight_smile:


Thanks for comments guys!


Great work


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