try mse-file inside archive


Thanks, it’s working now!


Thanx! 3 times@!


Macroscript VertsAligner v1.0 for 3dsmax 2008 (also works in 3dsmax 8, 3dsmax 9, 2009).
Aligns selected vertices of Editable Poly object to target spline.


  1. Select vertices and press the button of VertsAligner.
  2. Pick spline (the tooltip “Pick Spline” will be appeared in the prompt line)


  1. The vertices must be selected as a row, e.g. there is an edge between neighbour vertices.
  2. If the row is open then the first and the last vertices are always moved to the first and the last knots of the spline.
  3. If the row is closed then the one vertex is always moved to the first knot of the spline (nearest vertex to the first knot).
  4. The SplineShape must consist of only one spline.


Thanks, very good work.


wow, nice stuff. thanks for the script i’ll gonna try it. thanks buddy


Addel macroscript ArchedSpline 1.0 for 3dsmax 2009 (also works in 3dsmax 5.1, 6, 7, 8, 9, 2008)
Helps to draw and edit arched splines based on four parameters.


  1. Pick 3 points in viewport or type coords in the MAXScript Listener. Points must define a plane.
  2. Adjust parameters of the arched spline.


Thanks!!! But script PolySpline don’t work. I use 3dsmax 2009 32 bits in vista 64. Script show me this msg:

Happy New 2009 Year !!!
From this moment you can’t use PolySpline v3.0
Visit for the additional information.

Thanks Anyway


Use this one

btw, welcome to discussion of my current project - VoidFlow:


Added demo-version of BonyFace - my favourite script. Dear scripters, i would like you to test it.


Added ThePuppetTool 1.0 for 3dsmax 2010 (also works in 3dsmax 2008, 2009)

Cat/Biped selector with many powerful features, such as:

  1. Automatically make Biped mathed current human CAT-rig
  2. Paste opposite for human CAT-rig
  3. Select All, select Opposite, easy select any bones of human characters by clicking on ImgTags (also with dbl-click, alt and ctrl of course)
  4. Keys remover
  5. Keys type changer
  6. Modified Animated Align (by Jim Jagger) - I added ability to work with CAT-bones correctly.


edit: Got a response from here;

No worries! Thanks:)

Thank you OneAcc for such a useful tool!!

I have a biped that has extra leg links (a bird). When I click on the foot selection button on the puppet tool menu, it selects the ankle instead. Is there any way to fix this?

Thank you.


The greatest tool for facial animation - do you agree? :cool:
this is it


What is the final target for this tool? For high-end facial animation it’s a thing of the past, for real-time (games, web, etc.) it’s too heavy. I could be wrong, sorry, but I’m really missing the point.


Please, prove that this is a “thing of the past for high-end facial animation”.
So, you think it’s unusable for high-end, web and games, and what about TV and cartoons? :rolleyes:


Where did MailRenderCam gone?
Does anyone still have it?
Please send me anybody


Here it is:


i dont think it’s a thing of the past
especially now it can import zigntrack data , i think it could be very powerful

P.S. i once emailed zigntrack asking him did he thought of linking the output data to bonyface, and the creator told me he didn’t know but he will try. now it has it :wink:

just wonder what will be the next release of bonyface. and what’s the new features.


so helpful,thakn u


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