Script: Dropdown for SelectionTags (free)



I recently wrote a little plugin as motivation in the Python: Spoonfed course. As this is still in need of a bit “nurturing”, I publish it for everybody for free:

What does it do? When invoked (preferrably by a keyboard shortcut), it opens a dropdown menu containing all polygon selection tags of the currently selected polygon object. Click on one to set the selection - don’t bother searching the Object Manager for the proper tag again.

I made this plugin because the plethora of little orange triangles in the horizontal tab mode gets really un-manageable after a dozen or so; the vertical tag mode eats up a lot of space in the vertical; and the methods to re-color or re-icon a tag are - while helpful - not sufficient and take too much work with many tags.

In the future I may publish a refined version and more related scripts controlling the selections and visibility - these will, however, most likely go into the $2 tier then.

List of older scripts and plugins available in the Python: Spoonfed project:
(Please note that any $$ noted here are Patron tiers, not plugin prices!)

Joint Walking (Scripts)
Put these on keyboard shortcuts to move through the joint
tree. Allows to move up in the hierarchy, down (with a menu to
select ambiguous children), to the next or previous joint.

Type Template Selection (Scripts)
Select tags or objects that share the type with the currently selected
tag or object. In case of the tags, you have a script that works only on
the current tag’s object, and one that works on all selected objects.

Object Selection (Scripts)
Select the currently selected object’s parent, direct children, siblings,
cousins, or its top ancestor with these five scripts.

Select Point by Proximity (Script)
Coincident points make it difficult to select one specific point out of
the set. With this plugin, you can select the point’s polygon instead
and get the nearest point on the polygon selected - you just need to
be close to the desired point to determine the result.
$5 Tier

Time Handling (Scripts)
Go forward or backward in time: 2,5,10 frames; by the second; or
to the start/end of the preview range.
Patrons only (starts at $2)

Switch to Next / Prev Camera (Scripts)
Switches the viewport from the current camera to the closest one
in the Object Tree, or to the editor camera if there is no further
camera present.

Collie ProjectButtonBar (Plugin)
A full plugin with dockable dialog that lists all currently open projects.
Optionally, you can see the pathes in full or shortened display. Allows
to switch to another project quickly.
$5 Tier