Script Code disappears after I run it?


So in the past week, I have been trying to run my .mel files but they haven’t work on either Maya 2020 or Maya 2022. I have tried the following to solve this problem

I copied the xml_lib.mel file to my scripts folder.

rehash; Highlight+Enter

2.Oddly enough the word disappears

  1. Go to Open Source and run tweenMachine.mel file.

  2. Nothing happens

Same thing occurs with Maya 2022

I used tweenMachine; and it just disappears after I try to run it.

So basically all lines of code disappear when I try to run this. How can I solve this?


Use the button to the left of what you currently press, there are two buttons for running code with slightlty different behaviour. One keeps the code, the other only keeps the code if you select it frist.