Screw 3D, We Should Be Modeling in 4D!


The Tesseract

(Use both left and right mouse buttons)



But since it all ready takes me a long time to complete an image I all ready Model in 4D :slight_smile:


Kind of neat. But I don’t really see much of a difference or benefit. “4D” to me would be virtual reality type of modeling- like holograms or something.:shrug:


yeah it seems like its not really gonna be 4D cause that would be animation but thats some cool eye candy you have got there

pretty nice


migrane attack!

seriously, that would give some awsome cool pablo picasso 4D art



don’t we already model in four dimensions…the first three are Width Bredth and Depth…

and the fourth one is…ta-daaaa



those damm drug dealers I think I saw a. hu. that is weird:surprised

isn’t 4d like an animation.


Depends on how you look at it, these days a lot of people have coined the ‘time as the 4th dimension’ idea, with things like tesseracts (which I think are a 3d representation of 4d space) the 4th dimension is something a little harder to comprehend. If normal 3d space can be represented by a 3x3 matrix, then 4D space would use a 4x4 matrix, with the extra thingies® representing another spacial dimension - not time. :eek:


dude, that 's crazy…:eek:


technically cinema4d advertises that it takes alot of time to make stuff in its program…which is the only reason they used “4D” instead of “3D” :slight_smile:


heh… the irony of representign 4 dimensions in 2

(well, technicaly 5 in 3, since einstien considered time the 4th dimension)


except if you don’t move it, in that case, cos’ then effectivley theres no time for the poor little tesseract, its back to just 4 again (or should we now start calling time 4a?) :wink:


Here’s a cooler version.

I believe it’s more of an optical illusion than a 4th Dimension.
If you can model within a split second, yet have the experience past within an infinit distance across the dimension of time, then you’re modeling in 4D. Actually, we can’t limit our senses to only our eyes. 3D can be what we visualize, the 4th can simply be experienced naturally. It’s all the confusion of man-made science.




Someone once explained to me that there are more than just 4 dimensions, time not being one of them.

He said that if I was a 2D being, and a 3D object like a box passed through my dimension, I’d see only a rectangle. Like a slice of the box.

Now, if I’m a 3D being, and a 4D object falls through my dimension, I’d see…well…that’s the problem. I’d see what we see when we look at that tesseract.

Now, if I’m a 4D being…

Etc, etc.

Apparently, it’s all possible…though I’m taking a stand, and choosing not to believe. It’s more comfortable that way.




so what exactly is the 4th spacial dimension. is it like diagonal or something. damm. this stuff hurts the moldy muck in my head.

have any of you seen cube 2: hyper cube. that cg animation at the end was crazy. that movie was about that tesseract.
I wish I knew what the 4th dimension was.:cry:


as read in an einstein book…I always believed the 4th dimension to be space-time, i don’t know what these people are talking about


not too sure about the 4th Dimension but the 5th Dimension apparently takes place in my Beautiful Balloon. Sorry guys… I’m getting pretty damn old.


No, the 4th dimension is not time.

Well, it is depending on what you claim to be a dimension, and in what context you’re speaking.

Cosmology usually uses te 4th dimension as time.

Other disciplines such as theoretical geometrys, and some quantum physics disiplines.

It’s a matter that is one of the only ones left completly open to interpretation.




Yes, but if there’s a 4th dimension, does that mean there is territory that had not been owned (or conquored, developed, etc.) on the planet earth. Or do we live on a 3D planet all of whose resources and property are accounted for? Otherwise, there might be an on-line business here, selling 4D acrage to 3D people.