Screens from movie Final Fantasy: Advent Children


Sorry if these have been posted before.

Looks pretty damned nice. But then again so did “Spirits Within”. Sheesh that movie was boring as hell.
I’m not a huge Final Fantasy fan, but I think its based on FF7?


It’s based on FFVII and I think it’s absolutely not comparable with TSW. TSW was not really Final Fantasy… it had nothing to do with the series.

The fur on Red XIII looks a little strange - are there some more pictures of him? Seems that the movie could be something really cool!


Yes, TSW really wasnt a FF movie.

I dont have any more screens, I got them from another forum.


is this a full length in the theatre movie? It looks cool but not full length feature cool. Looks like it belongs in a video game.


Yeah it’s a direct sequel to FFVII (they are making more of FFVII related games right now). And yeah, Red XIII looks a bit weird, but furry animals rarely look great anyway. Maybe he’ll look better in motion. And no it is not really for theaters, it’s only 1 hour long or so. But it is possible that it will recieve a limited release in some theaters.


That looks good.

The fur look bad because it’s really ‘straight’ on his back.


i agree direct sequel to FFVII but anyway very nice work…


I thought it was suppose to be direct to dvd.


seems like a videogame shot…mmmm


Its a straight to DVD movie, but its gonna come out on the psp format first if I remember correctly.

I cant wait for this movie to come out.


Don’t you just hate it when your date falls asleep on you.

But seriously looks very well done but yes very video game like.


I think that the reason Red’s fur looks so odd is because he’s running towards the camera and the blur effect is making everything look like it points straight out…


Spanks, I was just about to say the same thing. and everything probably looks way better in motion in this flick. I remember seeing a teaser a while back and being thoroughly impressed.


I’m actually playing the game now, I went back to play it before they actually started working on this movie, the game was great and I had decided to go back and play it because of all the character they put into it, it was funny as hell, I guess they figured the that it had to be one of there most top popular seller and to go and make (some additional CG scenes for it and call it a movie) it looks great, this was a very long video game if anybody remembers playing it, and I’m playing it without a strategy guide, I barely remember anything, well will see how this turns out


well, better than dying… :stuck_out_tongue:


i really like to play ff7 again before advant children are hit. Let me look for the cds tonighit.


Maybe cgnetworks should do an article on this so it doesn’t have to be explained in 30 threads as to what it is, what it’s about and when it’s going to get here! :smiley:

Check out for detailed information, or check ot the official site at


Them are new pics to me, i am registered on Advent and they are new to me. Cid looks great first pic i seen of his face.


That’s odd… they’ve been on for some time as far as I can remember.


The trailer when I first saw it just about brought tears to my eyes. Talk about inpiration. I really can’t wait for the movie which is going to be released on dvd in the Spring of 05. The animation is wonderful and I was and still am a great fan of FFVII. 7 is still the best one due to the great story that all the others up to now still don’t come close to touching. I’m just awed by this massive project under took by Squre Unix. Bravo, Bravo:applause: