Screen Stand product showcase - proof of concept


Hi guys, this is my first post to these forums, well that I can remember.

I have been working on this model in a long dead software called trueSpace 7.61 beta 8, and I animated some of it today. This is a proof of concept, but I am looking for some guidance to later fullfill a better product showcase.

What is a good order or presentation? What about lighting, how would that work, what makes the product pop? Background? What do you think? What about the shaders?

Bare in mind this is a WIP and that the render is DirectX9, with no secondary rays bouncing around - I can’t afford that for the timeframe (have to finish this by the end of the week)


Hope you like it!


A single light from above can work, but it make it much, much softer. The shadows are very harsh and make it hard to see what’s going on. Since the model is all black, it’s hard to see as anything but a silhouette.
In addition to the light from above, experiment with adding some subtle fill lights to the sides and from the front, to fill out the shadows and blacks, and generate more highlights on the black metal. I usually look up some basic studio light setups on google images, and experiment with a few of them.

If you can, try and make sure there are some slight bevels on the 3D model itself to catch those highlights - There usually is a slight one, even on machined straight edges, and it makes a lot of difference.

The background is very boring. Don’t be afraid of just masking the 3D background out completely and placing it on a solid color instead, or a background with a simple gradient. Or if you want the ground shadows there, find out how you can make an infinite floor look in your application.
It might be what you were already going for, but if so, get the background further back, and throw some light on it so it’s white.


Thanks for this… nice and long time ago! But all still valid today.