Scorbot, saeed hasan zadeh (3D)


Title: Scorbot
Name: saeed hasan zadeh
Country: Iran
Software: 3ds max, Photoshop, VRay

i work on a real minefinder robot but always i love to work on a robot that can seems a simulation of its natural case,i try to show a scorpion ,my goal was to show a bot that it is possible to create,
3dsmax for modeling,vray for render ,PS for pw.
polygon over milion,for lighting i use some box and charmfer with metal reflect insted of hdri
c&c are welcome.


good started,
very good work & detalis , i like it , but by the floor hes need work & reallty ,by the matel hes need more refliction ok

good lcuk 4 ever :thumbsup:


assalamualaikum saeed hasan zadeh brother.nice work i have seen lot of artist from iran dedicating their best work at can you plz tell me the reason why you people have lot of interest in arts is there imean to say in iran you have better career options. take it +ively.


I like the model very much, nice design, and the contrasting “stinger” is great.



thanx my friends.
simyevil,the metal floor i think is enough near natural.
aleikomosalam mohdmajid,i love here and this site more than other cg site.
im going to put my best like other here.
dear Andrew,thanx my friend.


Nice work, floor can have better reflection
New Graphicsite


great work man! :thumbsup:


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