Scissors beat paper, Tomas Kral (3D)


Title: Scissors beat paper
Name: Tomas Kral
Country: Czech Republic
Software: 3ds max, BodyPaint, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

In this picture Sir Winston Churchill is doing the “peace fingers”. The hidden joke in this picture is that when you imagine the Wold war II as rock-paper-scissors game, Churchills team was doing the scissors and Hitlers team was doing the paper, and in the end Scissors beat paper (I just hope it is understandable).


very good work:)


nice one Tomas - I like his attitude


so nice one :slight_smile: … liked it


Nice work.
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It would be cool if you modelled Hitler as well, then the joke would make more sense.


Very good work, nice textures.


Thanks guys for such a positive comments. Here are some Zbrush preview images…


Great work as always, I’m glad we share the same sympathy for this historical figure :thumbsup:


Just love his facial expression :slight_smile: good job!


Nice work like always and i also saw your portfolio…it’s fantastic :beer:


ahmedmax - Thank you man
Intervain - Thanks Magdalena, I’m glad you like it
N-nabil - Thanks
Newke - Thank you
hoodedpython - Thanks for posting it man. Yeah I thought about modeling Hitler as well, the joke would be much more understandble. Maybe I will :slight_smile: I hope I find some time to do that…
gode - Thanks man :slight_smile:
PBenjamim - Thnaks
MrCraft - I am flattered :slight_smile: Thanks


Here you have a close up


Great job buddy, his face expression makes him very realistic and believable, even if it’s a caricature, it looks great.

It looks even better on good monitor you know? :cool:

ps. Cant wait for your Adolf’s caricature :thumbsup:


looks great.
like ur rendering.


You did an awesome job man.
Love every details of your piece.

5*, congrats


oh my god… awesome details
great job :bowdown:


Ramirezz - Thanks dude :slight_smile: I will try to “deliver” Adolf as well…
JinV - Thank you
ramonesFAN - Thanks man
Ministry - Thanks I am glad you like it.


Very nice work, but without comments I do not recognize Churchill


Amazing style,Churchill rock´s ^^



fantastic job! fantastic skin shader, very well :slight_smile: