Scifi Style Aircraft - Skymoto, Avatar Ye (3D)


Title: Scifi Style Aircraft - Skymoto
Name: Avatar Ye
Country: China
Software: Lightwave

Skymoto is an sci-fi style anti-gravity aircraft with jet engines and wings to control movement.

Done in Lightwave, Subpateches + polygons. gimme your opnions about this image, thanks!


I really like the design, it would be cool to see a pilot in it. The seat texture makes the ship look like a toy though.


look interesting but i would suggest to do some detailling
may be you should add some panel and " nurnies " , some scratch or dirt area ?
that could make it look more “real”


a few questiions first

  1. what did u model with. poly,subd,nurbs?
    2.what amount of mesh smooth did u use, or subd resoluions?
    3.what was the methed used to texture with the uv’s

i would like to add

try making it more streamline and more mechanicly realistic think of it in a way of

if it crashes flys gravity etc…


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