Scifi ships space, stations and rest - modelling team wanted


Hi there :slight_smile: This is my first thread but i am a member of this forum for a long while. I was wondering if there is a posibility to create team of poeple who can create a new Sci-Fi reality world. I know that is a little bit optimistic … but we can try :slight_smile: To create new rases new technologies of ships weapons and so on… I am waiting for suggestions opinions …:cool:


sounds like fun… I might have some free time, I could help with some concept sketches or something.

Did you have any idea, or just saying it could be fun?


I say that it is a bare project of may own. I have free time also and I alway was interested in SciFi. I don’t have any created idea. I am open for suggestions. I thought about creating fiew races but think about scifi… what is humanity in that creations… it is always far behind … how about creating space ruling race ?


hmm… i would be interested in helping u out but my drawing skills arnt that great but i can model. And i can probably come up with some things let me know if u want help.


hell, count me in.

Migh tbe fun, I want ot make some sort of ground transport…I have never made a vehicle before, so why not.

I would like to do some sort of terran species, who lost their planet and now deploys ships into space like spores to find a nw planet to reside on.

I will try and think of something more original, but that’s my initial thought.


Sounds pritty fun. Count me in.

Is there going to be any laws or limits?


Also is this going towards anything… in the grand scale of things…



I think it should go somewhere…

and my opinion, no laws or limits on software, but we should try and ground it in reality somewhat, since that always makes the strongest concept IMO …but this isn’t my show, so I will let und3r decide of course,


i think there should be a line we should follow. but as software wise we should be able to use what ever we are confortable with. you can always import form programs to programs i started on a creature should have a rough idea posted tomorrow.

but like kingmob said its und3r’s show. also we should be able to talk to one another via somthing. just an idea if we do decide to do somthing.

Hope we can do somthing and goes through


hehe here is somthing i was working on its going to be somthing like from star craft like a zerg or somthing just making the rough tell me what u think if u can imagine what it can be.


a familly dog just give him a head with a long tong :thumbsup:


I think software is not a matter:) I am a religius 3dmaxian but i don’t think that maya or lightwave suxx. :slight_smile: I think that we should try… If you want to create a terran rase than do so… pick a rase, name it and start to creating. I will strat today :slight_smile: It would be cool if we can some day but all of it in one annimation but i know that converters suxxxxxx but who cares. We will be the first who did that :slight_smile: When we finish creating we can make a script and try to short annimation in some kinda presentation. I think that the most important is creating and putting it togather and do it … not to stop when we are bored or sth. So do it ! Remember every one who can create its own rase is welcome… every one who have creative mind can try… but please finish what you start.

Peace :slight_smile: :thumbsup:


Sounds good. Do you mean each person has to have threre own race?

I think we should limit how many races. So each race has a class…

like in starcraft…

  1. monster type things
  2. human’s (humanoide)
  3. Higher beings

but different. once we have them then we can pick one and make some thing for it…


i’ll starting thinking of ideas…

“but we should try and ground it in reality somewhat, since that always makes the strongest concept IMO”- King mob

i think this is a good idea. for each race they have to have a tech level.

If one race uses bullets in guns. they can’t have a laser gun. as it wouldn’t make sence. as why have the old bullets. But if you make a reason. like they have laser gun but you need a huge generator on you back to power it. so there is only a few of them. or another race has the tech for lasers. and the first race has stolen one of there guns. but doesn’t understand it full and so only has limited use of it…

(does any of that make sence?)



Well I do :slight_smile: I agree :slight_smile: That’s wise :slight_smile: So we can create now and here that rases.

One has to be himan (terran). - we have to decide the tech level is it higher or lower than another rases.

Two …

Three …

Four …



I think terran shoul dbe VERY patchwork, like they are struggling with resources, trying to compete with advanced species…


Well i think we need a game plan and need to talk an what and what not to do and have a general idea of what we want to do. if u give evryone freedom to do what they want you will have a bunch of things that migh not even be used. we need an outline of what we think we are going to do. ex. base being raided by fighters and troopers. defenders tanks and troopers. somthing along those lines. otherwise it will take a long time to develop.
If we have a game plan this will work more efficient thats my idea.


allright we need someone to organize all this stuff and keep us kids in line…I nominate the founder (hehe)


since it’s his baby.


sounds like an interesting idea, but what do you want to achieve with it?

just some enzyclopedia pictures of an distant world or create actually a movie or even a game?


So what we need is a plan … a history of somekind. We have to decide how many species will it and their tech. We need to do it before starting anything. So please take a wordprocessor on-line :slight_smile: and make a use of your minds ::rolleyes: You can skip for now a names of the species call them s1 s2 and so on … :slight_smile: looking forward to read it … i will start making it just after I finish ‘Enterprise 2x05’ Give me 45 min ot start… :bounce:


Ok I was thinking and thinking and… first of all we have to create names for species… then I can sit and think of a history of theirs and make a tech tree … but to be exact i need your help its a hell of a work for one man…

I`m thinking that every one who wants picks a race and makes a history of it … (without any military confrontations with another that we will put at the end :slight_smile:

How about that?


Originally posted by maelstrom
[B]sounds like an interesting idea, but what do you want to achieve with it?

just some enzyclopedia pictures of an distant world or create actually a movie or even a game? [/B]

What we want is fun … a creation of ours, totaly indipanded scifi world maybe. To create species with their own culturs and tech make them live and will make it :slight_smile: Build armadas of starships… but pupose… Maybe it will reveal in a little time :slight_smile: