Science is Sexy! , fan zhang (3D)


Title: Science is Sexy!
Name: fan zhang
Country: China
Software: Maya, mental ray, Photoshop, ZBrush

Hi all!
My name is Joey, I am a modeler in Lucasfilm feature Singapore. It has been a long time since I came to cgtalk last time. And this is my latest personal art work.
I wanted to create an old guy who is tired of those boring laboratory research and physics theories, finally decide to start his brand new life.
In order to understand his mindset, I took a lot of time to read his story.

The dice on his chest means he was very very unhappy about the Uncertainty Principle. His views were summed up in his famous phrase, ‘God does not play dice’. And the buckle is the Nobel Prize in Physics.
An investigation was conducted by the FBI regarding the famous physicist because of his affiliation with the Communist Party. He was a member, sponsor, or affiliated with thirty-four communist fronts between 1937-1954. He also served as honorary chairman for three communist organizations.
Also there is a Princeton’s badge on his jacket.

At first, I used Maya to make the base model then spend time in Zbush for the tiny details. I used mental ray in maya for final render. Photoshop was used for composition.
I want to thank all my good friends who gave me their feedback. And I also like to thank those people and things that make me grow up.

I will keep working on my personal stuff in future. Thanks for looking!

Critiques are welcomed and appreciated.
Joey Zhang


there is an gray version. hope you like it, thanks


love the textures and tone of the pic
good job dude :applause:


just the color of the hair looks a bit strange, looks like the hair is seperate from the head, since no dark shadow in the area where hair connects with head :open_mouth:


Great Job!Choice award!Choice award!Choice award!Choice award!Choice award!Choice award!Choice award!:applause:


Joey,Good work,Keep going on !:applause:


Great job :slight_smile:


Fantastic job & concept \o/


thanks , xu jian has talk about you before, nice to meet you


amazing joey!keep up good work!


Looks good I like the color of there hair I think his hair looks a little clean. may dirty some I think it would be better:applause:


It’s a funny and unusual idea that was very well executed.


I like your gray version,especially the face,It’s just like a painting.
I am looking forward to your next work.


hehe, funny concept. nice model and textures.
skin needs same sss and the lighting could be more defined.


nice work dude !

it remind me more of a work from UDoncrew :

i guess that was your inspiration ? :smiley:

keep it up :wink:


I absolutely love the concept. :slight_smile:


Yes.I first have the Einstein with tattoo concept, and then I tried to find the reference, it is the good reference for me. I try to make the Einstein pose different, but finally I realize it is the best way to make the pose similar. it is the traditional Japanese moto flashmobs:p
thanks for like it


thanks bro, u makes me grow up!


I am an amater about the lighting and shading. And do you konw how to use render passes to seperate the misss_fast_skin shade in maya? Can you send me the shading network(ma file) to my email
thank you very much. I could find people teach me the shading and lighting:D


This is a talented work,very imaginative and funny in a way,i think this image should get some reward for the way artist thinks…Love it,amazing:)