Sci Fi WIP


Thought I’d see what you guys had to say about this…


very nice crisp render as usual :slight_smile:

also you’ve got the material extreamly good on the spiders, they feel light and delicate.

nicely done dude


Thanks LD, here’s the first update. I have a very strong desire to just go crazy with the cables but I fear that the bugs will get lost in them.


One more, bedtime now.


how about metal panels instead of tiles on the floor


I think the ground could be improved, the tiles doesn’t match rest of the image, IMO!
Otherwise really great work, will be looking forward to updates :thumbsup:



How about instead of so many wires, put in there an optical mouse (a rad one) or an old wired mouse that they are all fighting over… battling for techno food!
Just a thought…
I love your work - as usual!


kinda my thought too


Cool–reminds me of those spider things from Lost in Space the Movie.

I agree wholeheartedly that the floor needs improvement. The pattern is actually kinda distracting–breaks the scene up too much. I think the Mantis is awesome, but took a while for me to really see the detail. I would make him the central focus of the scene–maybe try another composition?How abot a low shot looking up at the praying mantis from the spiders point of view–and make him bigger? I like the frayed wire.
My 2¢. :slight_smile:


Looks good. How 'bout larger bundles of cables, or maybe flat strips of cable so maybe they don’t compete too much with all the legs you got going.


Thanks you guys. I’ve made a few changes to the pov, etc. I still have the tiled floor but was wondering if you guys still thought it was distractive with all the new parts in place. Thanks for the suggestions.


It’s still very busy 3D_E

JoelD made a good point I think you really need as center of focus, it just looks a bit flat at the moment :slight_smile:


I kinda had a feeling that’s what you were gonna say…lol. Alright, it’s settled, tonight, i’ll change the composition. Thanks for the confirmation. :thumbsup:


Looks even busier now :slight_smile:

If you change the composition consider ways to increase the sense of perspective.

If you dont mind, here is an idea. But do what you think works for you of course.


Looks very interesting, Joel, thanks. I’ll give it a shot.


oo Oo OOO! I just did a quickie test render of your idea, Joel, and Wowsers! I love it. I’ll polish it up and post in a bit.


joel - i like that composition idea - hope you dont mind if i steal it for myself

I’d be interested in seeing your render this way 3DE c’mon im waiting :slight_smile:


Ok, well here is a very rough render of the new layout. I was playing around with DOF a little bit. I always like the effect but some don’t so much. Is it too much? Whatcha think? Thanks Joel, I think the new POV works well. Now on to the details.


niiice :slight_smile:

the new angle has improved it a lot, its made the mantis a lot more menacing as its now towering over the spiders, I’m a big fan of DOF so I dont have a problem with that at all.

look forward to seeing more.


Thanks LD, last update for tonight.