Awesome work. Just incredible how much detail has gone into the design and construction. It looks like it could work in the real world, almost :slight_smile: Fantastic, and I love your bus transformer also.


yeah , very good work .

bonne suite :slight_smile:


oh la la … ca dechire tout ca dis donc. :eek: je veux voir une anim !


what the hell man, awsome work!!. this challenge is the equivalent in my opinion to fitting a square peg in a round hole, and you shure as hell fit the shapes together, freaking incredible, I dont know how the hell one would visualize something like this, a gift perhaps, great work.


transformy things amaze me, how do you find the patience!


timthesrcerer - optimus dinkus - novocaine - easee - feverinlove - cg209 -freefall ,thanks guys for yours feedbacks !! !:thumbsup:

falfa - m@ - merci les gars ,chui tres faltté ,venant de votre part !! tt commentaires ou appreciassions sont les bien venus! ! :love:

I post the continuation of this project in little time ,i’m working on the arm actually ! ! !


Just excellent, can’t wiat to see the finished model! :eek:


Amazing!!! Great work!


awesome work! what i dont understand its why this thread its in the wip section?:shrug: u got it done!


Exelent work :eek:

Did you made this animation ?

It is for an french Car !



too insane.

Anyone that makes something so complex transform with that amount of detail deserves a metal of some kind.

Your shader is nuts too. Its all productral right? noise or fractal for the small crystal spec hits or something?


thanks guys !! thank you has all for your feed back ! ! !I espere that the continuation will like to you :thumbsup:

yes ! spaze ,i’just see him ! !excellent ,superbe amazing work ! !!i love it! ! but it’s not my work !i board not yet this levels it and especially my machine starts to melt …superbeanimation:bounce:

xero - the shader is for this time a basic multilayer material with maps spec and raytrace,in next time
i 'll make ,a muds trace and paint degradation with a layer shader…but only on the def modele…
the speculare is composed of 3 maps with diff angle of rotation for limite the title…effect

i use final render engine…i post a little update to night…see you soon


I was wonering if you used finalshaders’ car paint ?

About the video i posted, i’m sure you can do as good and even better, your model as so many details :applause:

Such an work !


Hey there! Insane idea and realization too! :eek:


How does one come up with such an idea? Absolutely brilliant in concept and realization!


It’s safe to say that this dude drinks more coffee than us.


thanks a lots ! ! !guys !! i hope you like it! ! thanks !! !:scream:
yes ! i true , i drinks more than 5 coffe-per days - its’ too … i try the cigarettes ,for see! !

spaze , je te remercie de la confiance que tu me porte ! !
mais la barre est vraiment tres ,tres haute pour la pub de la c4 , dur dur …
et non ,ce n’est pas le super shader de pepe , celui la c un final advanced avec 4 spec…
je le detaillerais quand je reviendrais dessus pour le moment j’essai de faire uniquement de la geometrie !! !

spaze, I thank you for confidence that you carries me! ! but the bar is really very, very high for the advertizing of the c4, hard hard… and not,ce is not super the shader of pepe, that C final a advanced with 4 spec…
i details it when I would return above for the moment I test to make only geometrie!! !

for this time a little update of arms and wings articulation …a+++++:)


m@lonet: hi :slight_smile: ,following your progress,great progress :slight_smile:


Oh. My. God. This is absolutely amazing stuff. how long is it taking to render?


wah that is sickly awsum…
GREAT work an dtexturing i like it :wink: