Les dernieres sont vraiment impressionantes !:thumbsup:





Jsus mother fcking holly sh*t (autoreverse ∞ )


c’est plus une boucherie c’est l’abatoire! :wink:

Thanks alot for sharing and obviously: congrats BOSS!


I’ve been following this thread for a year or more (whenever it started). I’m so excited to see it’s still going.

Amazing progress! I’m blown away every time!


OMG !!! Excellent !! Last renders are so sweet Kad :slight_smile: , some of the them are simply crazy. I really like the lighting even if it’s basic settings I guess but anyway now we really see all details … And if as you said, rendering time seems to be really short, maybe you can post some animations with this mood :slight_smile:
Keep it up my friend. See ya.



Listen Kadeg… it’s incredible… much pleasure to see “all” these details with big pics like that… you’re back with again more power…
I’m speechless… that work perfectly… I can feel your energy with these latest renderings… now my wishes will are to be able to see this project finished before the next birthday… :scream:

please man, continue like that, with the same motivation and the same energy :thumbsup:

…GO Kadeg… :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce:


darn! I’m amazed that you go into such detail on every single part! As there are so many!! Big thumbsup!!

I’d love to see it animated again. Did you make a rig or something? I’d love to see that in action and how its animated. :]


ewerybody : hi , now i have all the important part in definitif definition , but all isnt ok ,like the back legs …and i have no ring for this time , i have make this poses without ik …and i 'm not a master of ringing , i 'll certainly have many problemes . …thanks for our feeds :wink:

is a pro ringer would like help me !!

lemog , ^^ ben merci ein mec , ca fait plaisir de te revoir ici
pas d’inquietude je la finirais , mais a chque fois je revois les vieux trucs , donc la encore pleins de trucs a refaire , c’est je croix le plus gros de mes prob avec le ring des pattes !

bartabac : ^^ l’amis , commo esta tu ? bien, como se pasta el tiempo en el pays d’el carribou ! !??
yes its in basic lignting and setup , for this time , the rendering for a frame is under 2MIn for a 2K , i 'll make a movie when my probleme of ik 'll solved … .if if find how doo it! , thanks for ours words ^^ a bientot dans notres" pays " … .

Mrdodobird: thanks a lots

shtl : i 'm waiting another of ours excellent crea ! !

visionmaster2 : mici l’amis :slight_smile:

Pionier : ^^

Lacrevette : arf arf ! ! lol


Really Impressive!

Come on, sell your project to a TOY industry. I would buy a bus like this :slight_smile:

But for Transformers the Movie, I would need to buy too different Toys ( one already transformed and a car one ) 'cause they’re alien with alien technology, we can’t reproduce the transformation on this phisical world.

next step now is rigging and animation? :slight_smile:


Malonet, great work… but allready sayd that a few times on here , but i got a crit do,

I think you still need to do some modelling on the legs and other joints, its a robot, and the joints are very thin and have no external indication of the works of its motion or what drives it, it makes it not so robot like, i think it needs a little more geometry, some things, gadgets if you will, some cables maybe, pistons what ever floats your boat.

keep up the good work:thumbsup:


those renderings are fantastic!The modeling is very good but the lighting rocks too!!!
i hope that will be the final light setup!


amazing modeling skills you have there mate, hope to achieve this kind of skills in my life.


euh… bah…
more plz! :slight_smile:


very good! keep working on it!


for kill the time , a little screen of shading test … . ^^^

tjc19999: thanks

yan : i hope see you more , but the time is less !

Justinin3D : ^^

learner88 : arf thanks to , but its the basic light set up , a sun and env light ,i make all at the post production in toshop with a balance colors ajust … .contract , level . .

SilvioToledo : for this time i play with the shading assgnation …after ring
and i studies the posybility to make it in resine … .soon ! !perhaps !


hello malonet:) , long time no see, very nice progression, waiting for more …keep up the insanity


:eek: ahhhhhhhhh
how can I miss this thread ? must write something here
well, I will be back tomorrow.


I’m gonna post also just to subscribe to this thread. TOTALLY love the model. The up coming film should have waited a while longer to have this model in it. But then I would hav to wait longer to see it…hmmm dilemma…


great work
i have have become a big fan of u
great details
simply awesome


jdsb : hi friend , thanls a lots for your followins since the start :slight_smile:
have you working on the movie transformers , i know a major parts of biots are modelised by ILM ?

LATROMMI-SUINEG : noooo , its our second post here , thanks for our following too :wink:

Stinger88 : :wink: thanks for our comment

geniusdev_anshu : thanks a lots

here only a little rendering , i dont have some freetime for work it , and many probleme with my station , tooooooo heavy for a simple pc , i need to optimise a little bit too , i hope finishing it one day …


I think your brain is break apart like most of your works… :scream: