hello malonet:) , long time no see, very nice progression, waiting for more …keep up the insanity


:eek: ahhhhhhhhh
how can I miss this thread ? must write something here
well, I will be back tomorrow.


I’m gonna post also just to subscribe to this thread. TOTALLY love the model. The up coming film should have waited a while longer to have this model in it. But then I would hav to wait longer to see it…hmmm dilemma…


great work
i have have become a big fan of u
great details
simply awesome


jdsb : hi friend , thanls a lots for your followins since the start :slight_smile:
have you working on the movie transformers , i know a major parts of biots are modelised by ILM ?

LATROMMI-SUINEG : noooo , its our second post here , thanks for our following too :wink:

Stinger88 : :wink: thanks for our comment

geniusdev_anshu : thanks a lots

here only a little rendering , i dont have some freetime for work it , and many probleme with my station , tooooooo heavy for a simple pc , i need to optimise a little bit too , i hope finishing it one day …


I think your brain is break apart like most of your works… :scream:


That make us good feeling to see you’re still working of your project…

…I hope a beautiful render as this one could be a good motivation to continue soon the realization…

vas-y, tu sais qu’on en redemande :bounce:


on sera la pour la fin, one day…:smiley:
et quand je pense aux heure de bonheur pour decouper la bete en couche pour etre capable de calculer tout ca…
courage mek! :smiley:


This project is absolutely crazy!! Awsome work!!! :applause:


msaatchi , thenimlot : thanks buddys

yan: merci , c’est cool ,je ne sais pas encore comment faire le rendus , si je fait des couches ou un rendus brute , les couches semble plus simple a rendre mais moin simple a gerrer , donc je pense reprendre integralement les shaders , mais bon ,les ID sont faits , et coherants sur le bus entier , au final une petite 30ene de mat et rulez, je devrait me poser un peu en septembre et compte bien mettre un pixel d’honneur a la finir , je l’est trop dit maintenant pour ne pas le faire

Lemog: ^^ salut laurent, promis , des que mes ptits plantages sont regler je laisse tourner les rendus , je ferais certainement un mat paint sur une base photo pour l’images principale , a voir encore pour le style et l’atmo , mais aussi une batterie de vue studio ^^ ,


Your work is mindblowing!
Keep it up, gonna bookmark this one.



Hey there, good to see you’re still working on this, inspirational as always! I hope you find some spare time to finish it. Woop woop.


This is the most amazing piece ive ever seen, very inspiring.


Mantis Alright!


This is insane! :thumbsup: 5 stars!


WOW! What a fabulous feat of modeling and concept. Congrats on a marvelous work! I don’t know how I missed this originally. Thank you for showing all of your work.



wow, glad to see you’re back active on this, really impressive stuff!
I’m just curious, but should you send these to whoever is doing the Transformers 2 movie?
Maybe even Michael Bay, see if they like it? Maybe they will put it in? :slight_smile:
Cause your transformer can actually transform, theirs don’t… I don’t know, but it would be worth the shot, even if it’s just for 5 seconds lol.


********** 10 out of 5:) DAMN BROTHA, Simply awesome. Very nice work. great modeling and details.



WesleyTack : i 'm open , but i dont thinks ILM needs to for make me cry !
but if they want it ^^ … . .

Voigtlander:thanks for ours words

maksy, GreenArrow , Amarin ,Rpinto3d::thumbsup:

Coaster ; hi friend , how are you ( i dont have see any new personal work since a moment , very busy ?? have you try to work for T2 ? , i hope see ou fantastic car totaly textured one day , best regards , kad

no new for this time , i have made a little personnal project , i 'll post ot in few days , and i 'll restsrt the mantis in the next month ( in animation , i hope make some few sequences )
thanks all for ours long following



oh my god, thats amazing.

its stuff like this that inspries me to keep up with my training to learn 3d :slight_smile: