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[left]HELLO ALL 1ST W.I.P. CGTALK here a model starting since the end of March month, its a concept between a standard bus and its vesion insectoides completely strange [/left]
[left]I board begin by a simple model,and after manys verifications,i start the full res poly !! ! [/left]
[left]here thus a series of image which summarized the projection of work since 6 months! ! ! [/left]
[left]xcuze my translation and my poor english !! ! but I start has devlloper a little my vocabulary, therefore I should be able to communicate :smiley: [/left]

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more pict : page 50 … .post 298… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

[left]concept : [/left]

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[left]a+ in the bus welcom’s crtk/com’s[/left]


Respect! That’s some really impressive pieces of work here! :buttrock:

It must have taken a lot of effort to do this - how long have you been working on it? I really like the surface color and shading, it looks very realistic. I hope you’re gonna do an animation and show it to us?



Sweet concept and design work. Are you going to animate him?


Amazing concept :applause: :applause: And the modeling is perfect also :thumbsup:
One of the best morphs i ever saw… do you have an animation???

Following this one for sure :slight_smile:
Keep up the great work, and also keep us updated please :wink:



Wow a truely insane level of detail, the model looks fantastic and incredibly intricate. It would be nice to see some more high quality renderings of the model, the model is great and so are the materials you are using it there are lots of great close ups and overviews it would be nice to see a couple of high quality renderings in an environment.


Your transforming mobile home was amazing, but THIS takes the cake!
Amazing! Freaking amazing!
I mean, geez, I’m tryin’ to do a transforming Mini Cooper and I’m havin’ trouble with THAT.
This is amazing…
FAaaaaaaaantastic job. The shaders are great too.

-The ReBooted One





amazing level of detail,great project :slight_smile:



Really first class work. come round and take my 21" monitor, you obviously have a greater use for it than I. Shaders looking pretty good too.:thumbsup: hehe.


Whoa, thats simply fantastic… :eek:

Really really nice work, great to see the high level of detail…

Hope to see more off this, hopefully an animation soon? :scream:

Karsten Sørensen


Wow WTF ??? thats awesome mate :thumbsup::thumbsup::thumbsup:

great skills @ work here

looking forward to see more of it




oh mate, this is way cool; I love the style of it. I’m impressed with the detail you have so far. Keep it up.


thank’s a t all guys :beer: ,it is very encourage of your share
I board the intention to make move all this small world, but not in the immediate one because the wire is not finished …:cry:

but all that relates to the depliage is already ok functioned,le passage of the bus to the mante is quasi definitif animation will come. . promised
I do not know the number excatement hour worked on this project, but I could passed of 1 A 10 hours weeks on average

the following stages will be poster here, but will be necessary to wait a little bit!!


a little shoots head wire


This is amazing, I would really like to see this animated. Its so inspiring. I want to make a morphing something now. Great job.


Really really amazing, only the time that you must have spend to think up with something like this, really outstanding. Modeling is also superb. :applause: :applause:


i don’t have words to describe my feelings just STARS :drool:

dis donc tu doit être super bien payé où tu bosses avec un niveau comme ça :stuck_out_tongue:


5 star work. Brilliant transformation. Keep up the good work :bowdown:


incroyable - t ouf ! ! - amazing work !! i love it ! !so originale
are you crazy ! ! c pas possible de faire des trucs pareil

:slight_smile: :scream: :thumbsup: :bounce: :buttrock:

[color=red]5 stars ! ! ! ! ! ! ****** [/color]

[color=white], j’y croi mm pas tellement t’est un malade !! ![/color]

c’est avec plaisir que je suivrais ton travail …a une prochaine/see you soon:applause:


mdr guillom ! ! ! tu sais ce que je gagne est peut etre peu mais ,c toujour plus que ce que les ptits jeunes pleins de talents qui demarre! ! !

merci aussi maxipix

thanks at all !!i post in next times the anim test ! ! but only in next time!! !


t’es un leonard de vinci de la 3d!
y’re a real Leoanard de Vinci of 3d!:bounce: