Sci Fi scene


I’m currently working on a new workflow for creating a sci-fi interior scene. I’m using SketchUp to model with…it’s surprisingly good for this sort of thing. I’m also using the SketchUp plugin, Podium, to render the WIP’s, with the SU wireframe dusted on top.

I use picture refs from some Japanese magazines to help with the design, some are pretty close to the original. Not sure how it will all come out, but here are a few WIP’s of some of the components. I’ll keep posting as I go along. Plus, I’ll talk a bit more about the work flow. The operating table below took about 3 hours to model, the chair and desk about the same. I think things will go faster as I ramp up more on SU.

Not sure what renderer I will finally use…Perhaps Podium, or Vue, or Indigo, or even Kerky…depends on other factors. I prefer Vue, but it’s not great with interiors, so I may have to try another.


i like the idea, go for it!
i appreciate the details of the second object, whaterver it is :eek:


More stuff. It’ll come together soon…


Here are a couple more…


You have a good eye for detail and perspective. Looks fantastic!


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