sci-fi scene: scout robot


It’s been a while since I last postet an image… well that’s what I’ve been working since the beginning of this week. Hope you like it.

Give me all your critique, I can take it! :scream:

Software: 3dsMAX6, finalRender stage1, photoshop


very nice, but, I think that the resolution of the texture that is applied to the ground is low…


Thanks for your feedback dcmoutinho!

You’re right about the groundtexture but I didn’t want to spend more time… today my pc crashed way too often…


Very simple yet nice to look at
Good job :slight_smile:


thank you onemind!
here’s the sketch, very simple yet cute don’t you think? :smiley:

I should have made it’s legs smaller like on the sketch :smiley:

EDIT: And many of them small small things… hmm… maybe my next project :slight_smile:


I really like the design of the robot and the perspective ! I am not quite as keen on the ground at the moment, it looks a bit too ‘muddled’ IMHO. It is also hard to see the legs because the colors/tonality are so close. Changing the camera angle to show more of the sky (2/3rds ?) would make the legs stand out nicely…

I would definitely try to make the ground more crisp, it looks very rounded and washed out right now (the motion blurred dust doesn’t help). How about adding a bit more displacement as well as placing a few rocks/stone on the surface ? Oh and a second ‘scout’ in the distance would be cool, too.

just a little braindump at the end of a long day :slight_smile: . Look forward to seeing more.


Thanks for your reply Marc!

I agree with you in all points. I’ve had trouble all along with that ground… and now that I think of it, it really needs an other robot in the background. I would also add some paintings on the ‘helmet’ of the robot like ‘03’ or something… but I don’t hink I’ll ever put hand again on that scene. I’m now concentraiting on a new project I started with, but the good news is that I’m considering to reutilize the robot (with some modifications) in the new scene.

After your reply I was wery tempted to make those changes but nah, I’ve already put too much time in it :slight_smile:

PS. Now you know why I like the background of your robot that much… :slight_smile:


yaya, that was cute actually :thumbsup:

and i prefer that was an Space ship behind him lol :applause:


try to match the real resolution of textures, the model it’s quite simple, but looks a good render only the BG it’s a lil strange.


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