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Pretty much hit a roadblock today. I’m have not been pleased with the lower nodes’ frame(s). I’ve been working on them for several hours and have not produced anything I like. Sorry, no updates for tonight. But by tomorrow afternoon, there shall be an update. Hopefully tomorrow will bring greater success.


ok i think i’m gettin it!
so what your saying is that all the objects linked to the dummy have taken on the dummy pivot point?

how would i go about creating a dummy?

but do you construct your objects and all the added pieces (detail)before you add the dummies?

if so how do you go about aligning all the objects to creat the added detail to the base object?

again thanks for taking the time out to help!


of course


Originally posted by MRAY
so what your saying is that all the objects linked to the dummy have taken on the dummy pivot point?


Originally posted by MRAY
how would i go about creating a dummy?[/B]

Well, I guess the most obvious question is, what program are you using? I’ve been going off the assumption that you are using max. If so, you need to go to the helpers tab on the create panel on the right side of the screen. Dummy will be the first button to click.

Originally posted by MRAY
but do you construct your objects and all the added pieces (detail)before you add the dummies?[/B]

Yes, but this isn’t required. For instance, I went from the ‘less detailed’ 1 hydraulic arm, but then updated it and had 2 with a little more geometry. All you have to do is link the new geometry to the dummy and you’re finished.

Originally posted by MRAY
if so how do you go about aligning all the objects to creat the added detail to the base object?[/B]

Move, rotate, scale. :slight_smile:

Like I was saying in my previous posts, I keep my geometry in a straight line so that I can align the geometry properly. The mirror button also works well, as does clone (shift+drag the object you want cloned).

Originally posted by MRAY
again thanks for taking the time out to help! [/B]

No problem. Glad I could help.

Updates on Matrix Ship:

Ok, I’ve figured out how I’m going to do the frame, so there will be an update soon, I hope.


Ok, here’s a small update for you folks out there. The lower frame isn’t near finished, but I wanted to show I was still working on it. Like I mentioned in my other post, I just didn’t like the way things were working out with how I drew them in my sketch. One of the main problems was that then front landing gear arm would have been covered up by one of the center nodes. So, I’ve gone back and redesigned the set up. Honestly, I think this style fits the size of the ship anyway, with the extra weight associated with the split tail, I’m sure they would need more hover nodes than the Neb. More updates on a completed lower frame set will be completed with a few hours probably, and I’ll update you again then. Render time 00:11:59


Man, this is looking incredible! Can’t wait for you to update!


Nice attention to detail. I’m currently working on a high-poly, high-tech scene right now, and have been kind of stuck for reference images. Are you using reference at all, or are you just making everything up?

I’m kinda surprised you started with the hover nodes. I figure that most people would start by modelling the largest pieces first.

Anyway, I look forward to seeing the final result.


Actually, I’m just using the Matrix DVD. I put it in the laptop, pause it on a scene of use, and then at the same time I’ve got my desktop right there right beside it.

My desk set up (some what messy):

Anyway, about the nodes and such. I had planned on working on the ships mesh, but Max ended up giving me an error when I would edit the mesh. It does this every now and then, but for the most part, it works alright But for some reason, it wouldn’t stop giving me the error, so I just finally got fed up with it and decided to start working on all of the other components. A side note about my approach. I was basing my model off of the online virtual model first, but once I started to watch my newly purchased DVD, I noticed how incorrect that model is. All of my sketches were based off of that model as well, so that lends my sketches to be somewhat inaccurate as well. I see the design of the ship as a fusion between style and practicality. I think that by doing the “nodes” first, they give me a point to build from, instead of a place to leave room for. :slight_smile:


Nice setup. Are you using The Matrix, or Reloaded?

If you don’t mind, here’s a hover ship a friend of mine did, not quite as detailed as yours though.

Hover Ship by Ricardo Pereira


I’m impressed at the detail, but you really need to start optimizing. Sure, the hover nodes need a lot of detail, but 400k faces just for them is insane. Seriously. You should increase the density of the original mesh slightly, so you can get away with 1 iteration on meshsmooth. It’s probably the heavy polycount that has max begging for mercy btw.

Another thing, remember that you can use smoothing groups to define sharp corners that doesn’t need beveling.

I would gladly fiddle with one of the hover nodes to see if I can optimize it some if you send one of them to me. It’s completely up to you of course :slight_smile:


wouldn’t it be easier to make screenshots of the dvd? :smiley: just asking, btw if you have the animatrix, “the last flight of the osiris”, I bet there are a few scenes you could use


Alrighty then. It’s growing closer to 4 AM once more and it’s about time for a true update. I’m going to post 8 images in the absence of the update last night. GREAT news is that I just downloaded the Finalrender service pack. The model was taking 17 minutes to render with Finalrender. But now with the new service pack, they must have gotten their ducks in a row because now it’s rendering with more geometry at 2 minutes!!!

Cosmic_fool: Thanks, I’m using Reloaded. Is that your friend drivin’ the ship?

[i]urgaffel: Hey, thanks for the tips. Actually, I have backed the iterations down to 1 for this last set of renders and I’m pleased with the results, so I feel they that it will do. Thanks for the tip. About the nodes, I’m planning on removing all of them once I’m finished setting up the frames and such. The way I’ve got the pivot points and the dummy hierarcy needs revamping. So, for now, these mamoth polygon nodes will do ;). About the mesh editing causing max to squeel, I hid everything in the scene except for the mirror of the body mesh and the reference sketchs. I think it’s something to do with my computer, but maybe it’s the polys. I’m not sure if I quite understand what you mean by “use smoothing groups to define sharp corners”. Any ‘beveled’ edge in my scene either is a chamfered edge, or a chamfered edge that’s mesh smoothed.

I’ll send you a node… but only if you ‘teach/inform’ me of how you optimized it. :)[/i]

Anyway about the new updates. I’ve changed my design from the sketches. And have struggled with how I wanted to do this frame for the nodes. The biggest difficulty was designing these (the frames) to be able to move to pull the nodes up far enough off the ground so that it could land without the nodes touching the ground. For reference to what I’m talking about, check out Chapters 2 and 4 of your Matrix Reloaded DVDs. :slight_smile: If you don’t have the DVD, the lower ‘arms’ on the Neb. actually rotate 90 degrees and then slide up the ships hull about 2 or 3 meters. This obviously allows for greater clearance for landing. Well, for my old design, I had two nodes right smack dab in the center of the ship. So I needed to change that. I went with 4 nodes on either side and have thought about rotating and lifts and slides and different things like that, and have come up with a method to get these nodes up off the ground. Since this ship is a heavier ship than the Neb, my nodes’ frame won’t rotate 90 degrees perpundicular (sp? 4am) to the hull. Rather, it will rotate on the tip of the frame… you’ll see. :slight_smile: And I’m sure you can see the slight update on the body mesh. Alrighty, update time.


Ok, well, maybe I said 8, but I think 7 will do.

Have a great evening/morning/day everyone. And thanks again for all of your inspiring support and comments.


You can clearly see that you have a history with machines.


Send away and I’ll try and explain everything :slight_smile:


Coool, very nice work. Keep it coming :wink:


the detail is just great
can’t wait to see this one finished
keep doing what you do…


Thanks again for all of the inspiring comments. Urgaffel, I’ve sent an email your way, I hope it’s your email at least! :slight_smile: I’ll probably try working on the ship’s shape again for the next update. I think it’s about time this thing began to take on some form.


Ok, I wasn’t able to work on this as I would have liked to. Basically, I’ve tried to put a general shape to the whole ship. This is not the final mesh :stuck_out_tongue: or the final design I want, but I think it’s good for showing how and where things go I nearly finished matching the outline of the sketch to the body mesh. Ok, so now, what’s the next step? Good question, and my answer is the front cockpit/cabin. The whole front end of this will be it’s own work of art, in other words, a little more difficult than the hover nodes and frames. :slight_smile: Even though, I’ll need to create another frame for the last 4 nodes. I’ve elected to change the way the windows were set up in the front. Moving from the Neb. style to a more osiris feel (a bit more conventional). After that is completed, I’ll be able to base the mesh for the front half of the ship off of it, as of this moment, I feel like I’m just throwing verticies around with no true direction or flow. So, this will be a small update. I think that the rear of the ships is going to be the last thing finished as it appears that my progression is moving from back to front and then back to the back again.

I should have plenty of time tomorrow to begin work on the cockpit of the ship. Thanks again for your support, and remember, comments are welcome.



The only comment I have (the progress so far is good IMHO) is, are you going to make the crew sooner or later, or will you stop once the ship is finished?