SCI FI Ghost Ship - ISC Sebastian.


The only issue I have with using written instructions is that it is time consuming for the operator, by the point of space travel I would have thought they would have need/use of quicker input than pen and paper. Keyboard at the very least no?

If you wanted a pen and paper type deal an idea could be to have a mirror image of the monitors below where the operators sit (though this mirror image would be quite a bit smaller) where depending on which “monitor” they wrote on it would affect the actual thing.

At this point I assume they would have their own ‘language’ so to speak in which to write on these ‘pads’.

They don’t even have to show what is on the big monitors, just simple representations of which monitor they are working on.

Or if you still wanted to go the paper route, at the very least have them type out what they want on paper and then feed that in to the machine. Or just have the whole thing automated so to speak.

Where you have your keyboard/type writer type thing, as you type paper is being fed through it and into the monitor (or where ever it goes) So that there is no manual feeding involved, but you can still see what is being fed in to the machines.

Or you could just set it up ATM style, or ABM if you prefer (Automated Banking/Teller Machines) where you have buttons at the side of the screen for whichever action you want to take.

I dunno… :stuck_out_tongue: Just some ideas. But things are looking quite nice. A question though, would the other pods be filled with liquid still? or rather will they? I ask simply because I would have thought they died because of some error in keeping and/or (as I think you said) the pods broke open, so all the liquid would be drained.

I vote in the next scene being where he would logically go next… The hallway! :smiley: (seriously though that could be creepy, have some broken paneling and vents and such, maybe with a few skeletons strewn about for good measure)




I redid the lighting, focusing more on the pods giving off the light, with the overall ambiance down quite a bit. I think its looking far more moody, and quite a bit ‘colder’. I also think you have a clearer idea of whats happening in the tubes (specifically on the tube closest to us…where the liquid has preserved half the inhabitant, and age has turned the other half into bone.


I was also thinking something similar to that…
My dad used to own a design firm, where the CAD operators would have all of their commands and tools printed on a tablet…similar to a wacom. Basically they died out with the advent of higher resolutions, bigger monitors, and the ability to fit all your icons on the screen. Something like that could still be pretty cool in this ‘alternate’ humanity.

A question though, would the other pods be filled with liquid still? or rather will they? I ask simply because I would have thought they died because of some error in keeping and/or (as I think you said) the pods broke open, so all the liquid would be drained.

My idea is that the liquid is more to nourish the organs, and skin and such, and also to generally protect the inhabitants. The feeding tubes and things that keep the heart beating and brain functioning are all attached through the wires and into the back (controlling the nervous system through the spine).
If look at the pods now, you can see the one with the skeleton in it has no liquid, the one on the right has half liquid, preserving the skin and organs, and half ‘air’, which caused the skin and organs to decay. There are some pods that have kept the inhabitants alive as far as the organics go, but they are essentially brain-dead…

I think the new lighting shows this off a little better (there is more distinction between liquid and air).

I changed the output displays from green to blue. I don’t want it to come off as a matrix-rip, and also want the sick-green of the tubes to overpower the rest of the ‘cool’ lighting.

I’m thinking of having some sort of autonomous robots that scuttle around the ship, fixing things that need fixing. Something quite strange…perhaps almost insect like, with a multitude of tools and such attached to it. These little dudes obviously malfunctioned, with some of them still performing tasks for their dead crew. I just think it could be freaky to see like a dead body in a medical exam room, and having one of these little robots still changing drips, or making beds for it. Tucking in the skeleton. :wink:


Great scene over all.:applause:

The only thing that bugs me about it are the Skeletons, they seem to be too good in touch.
The one in the mid tube for example would look more believable in my eyes if the non cabeled parts (hip and down) would have fallen of or be dearranged in some kind of way.


Hey Lehnard,

Thanks for taking the time to comment!
Ill break up the skeletons a little…and perhaps add in some sinew to the parts that havent fallen off, showing where the skin has hardened to keep them from falling off. :wink:



your computer must be a monster just like that chamber! that. looks. awesome!:bowdown: i wish i could do something this detailed. nice keep it up!:buttrock:


Holy crap, all I can say is I love the concept, and can’t wait to see it develop! This is awesome! :cool:



Hi Christopher.

Love your work here. This is a great concept ideally suited to 3d illustration.

Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but eventually, some volume light or fog will look stunning. So far so good tho!



Hey guys. I actually opened this file on Monday and continued working on it. :slight_smile:

I’ve almost finished this scene, and want to move onto the next one soon. I get bored quickly, and this project is more an outlet for my creativity than anything else!


Thanks man. The scene is surprisingly light! A full res render (1280 * 720) is about 20 minutes, and full HD (1920 x 1080) is about 35-40 minutes. I could probably cut that down using proxies and some smaller textures. As for modeling the detail, extrude, bevel, extrude, and bevel! :wink:


Thanks mate. I think the final animation with all the pieces joined together will be pretty spiffy!


Yeah-I definitely want to add in some volumetric lights…I just cant figure out where! I was thinking of having the central figure lit up by a light from the top, with dust particles and such floating through the air…Ill play around with it tonight and see what I come up with!

Thanks for taking the time to comment here guys. I really appreciate it!


I think I would get bored as well if my renders would take 20 minutes and more :smiley:

Can´t wait to see the new version.


I would add a few more glowing little lights to the dark areas (the top part of the scene). make it look like there are some computer elements hidden there.


Hehhe. My tests are about 2-4 minutes, depending on the quality. It hasn’t been optimized for rendering yet tho. I’m pretty sure I can get it to 10 minutes/frame at full HD with all its passes (motion blur, etc). I usually leave the optimizing till riiiiiiiiiiight at the end.


Hey guys…some updates!

Heres some stills from the animation…its nothing fancy, just a fly through of the sets. Going to do about 5 sets, each with a camera move through them and some fancy editing. Like I said earlier, this is more a free form’cool’ project than anything with a specific goal in mind.

Heres some closeups of the dudes in the tanks. These will be like 2 frame flashes happening during the sequence…

AAAAAAAAAND here we have the Corridor! I took the basic shape of a cutaway of an old church, and techno’d it up. The arches are still in there, and the windows to the left are quite visible. I’m going to put some big industrial fans behind those windows, and have them sloooooooooowly turning throughout this portion of the animation, perhaps with some cool volumetric light spilling through them.

Comments? Crit? And all that fun stuff. :wink:


Hey guys, just wanna throw something out as well. If anyone wants a copy of the scene to play around with and see what you get lighting and texture wise, just say so in this thread and Ill prep the model tonight. :wink:


Hey Chris, stunning stuff!

First, your scenes are very dark -too dark. It may be that your monitor is too bright. I calibrated my monitor by printing out photos and then comparing the images -primative, but effective.

I love your two frame cut-aways. They’re eary images.

Your church hall passage is novel. I love they idea behind that. And also that this space ship hallway looks unique in its design.

I’m excited about this project man! I think it’s gonna turn out remarkable.



Very Nice!
But I don’t agree with the pictures being “too dark” There is lots of atmosphere in the creeping shadows of the dark you got there.

And a very nice offer to let people play with your scenes… I don’t have time to do anything too it texture/ lighting wise since all my spare time is taken but I would love to peek around at everything you made thusfar and what the real thing looks like…
Maybe you can contact the lighting challenge people… they always have models available to light and texture for the participants… maybe they are happy with a scene like this and you get to see what people deem possible with camera angles and lights and colour and everything. Just a thought

Also love the dirty edges on the glass tubes. awesome… really looks as an 50 year old aquarium (how I know… well lets not get into that right :stuck_out_tongue: )

Can’t wait to see more. Great going!


whoa cool!, it’s not too dark buh somehow it doesnt really feel that scary and yet looks awesome!:applause:


I have to agree that it is a little too dark but over all it´s simply breath taking.


At first I was not too impressed, but I am liking this more and more…



Hey man. Thanks for commenting! Ill try to lighten the images, but I wanna keep the ‘in the shadows’ feel. In the animation there are lights that flicker, and others that pulsate lightly…it does seem dark in the stills, but with motion added it does work quite well.

Ill try to lighten it a little tho, to get out some of the detail thats being hidden by shadow.

Thanks for the comment about the ‘uniqueness’ of the corridor design. I want the ship to feel claustrophobic, but also HUGE. I figure that the catwalks, and places that aren’t specifically built for humans would be industrial, and in something as complex as a spaceship (or timeship, or 'insert-sci-fi-thing-here), space would be used, so where you had a void, you would lay down equipment (pipes, electronic tubing, transport…things). Plus, Star-Trek corridors are boring!

Wait till you see what the bridge looks like…Ive got a seriously cool idea!


Thanks for taking the time to look here man, and thanks for taking the time to comment.
Ill clean up the model tonight, (its in a horrible state!), and upload it for you guys tomorrow. Ill contact the lighting guys and see if they can use it.
The model isn’t the cleanest, and was basically a very free form’this kinda looks cool’, and unfortunately without planning, my models tend to be…messy. But hell, if someone can use it, good for them!

Yeah-I really tried to dirty up the glass, and make it look nice n grungy. Its difficult to get a balance between dirty, and ‘shit I cant see through that’. I actually used reference images of dirty fishtanks (Google images rocks!), so I’m glad it came through!


Thanks man. I hope that the scariness comes out in the editing and the sound. I don’t know if I want it to be scary so much as…empty. The flashes are the only ‘horror’ aspect I wanna add in-the rest of it I want to feel eerie. I really want to work on my editing, so its going to be a fun challenge!


Thanks mate! Like I said earlier, ill try to lighten it a little, but still keep the dark areas and shadows


Thanks man! Just wait till you see whats coming up!

More to follow guys! Also want to maybe work on a little story with this…perhaps you guys can help me out. What do you think this looks like so far? A space station? A time-travel ship? An inter-dimensional-exploration vessel? A futuristic oil-rig trapped on the cusp of the event horizon of a black hole?


Hmm, perhaps you should add some hanging space-suits to make it more obvious this is on some sort of space-vehicle. I guess the title sort of gave it away this was on a craft so I didn’t really think too much about it.