SCI FI Ghost Ship - ISC Sebastian.


I’ve had a story in my head for a very long time now, about a ghost ship, but set in space. One of the science team emerges from his cryo chamber, only to find that the ship has been adrift in space for hundreds of years, and he is the only survivor.
I want to depict a few scenes of him walking throughout the ship, trying to peace together what went on.

At a later date, I may want to turn these images into a sort of Adventure Game (ala Space Quest, or The Dig), or an actual short, but thats quite far in the future. For now, these images have been in my head and have been itching to get out!

The first image is the Cryo labs, where the crew are frozen for the leaps of their journey. A few of the pods will have malfuntioned, some burst open, and some will just contain the bones of their previous occupants. The scene will have our main hero (his name is Theodore Pyke, after my pet Bearded Dragon :smiley: ), emerging from his pod, and seeing the decay surrounding him.

Here is one of the pods. The pod will extend through the roof of the lab, with all those wires and such dissapearing into the grated ceiling above.
As this is a ghost ship, I want it have a ‘haunted mansion’ feel, only hi-tech. The Event Horizon is a definite inspiration here!

Other spaces Im going to explore will be the Medical Bay, Living Quarters, Bridge, and Engine Room. There may be some more, but those are the main areas in my mind so far.

C&C always welcome. :wink:



It is funny how things become more epic when you add more of the same.

Great model to begin with, but 5 of them = epic! lol :smiley:

Anyhow, no real crits from me, love your ghost ship idea. I gotta ask though, why glass cryo chambers? Especially all around? I would have thought that the only reason for glass chambers would be for doctors monitoring them, if this weren’t the case would it not be prudent to construct the chambers out of a stronger/safer material than “glass”?

Not trying to rag on your idea man, just a few technical things I thought about when perusing your image/s.



Hey man. My girlfriend actually asked that as well! The main reason they are glass is that…well…i wanna see dead people floating inside them. :smiley: The idea I had for the ship is that at any point, it will be run by a skeleton crew. Ive never liked the idea of a ship having an artificial intelligence that runs everything. Personally, if I’m gonna be put in a coma for 2 months, I want a doctor looking after me!

I want to actually have a lab technition sitting in a monitoring station, but basically have it just be his bones, and some remnants of clothing. Same thing around the ship in various places…have the bones of the people in various parts of the ship, doing what they were doing right before they died. I even thought of having a guy half in some sort of EV suit, trying to escape whatever it was that killed the crew.

Perhaps some form of bracing around the glass would ‘strengthen’ it more? Ill lessen the reflection on the ‘glass’ tho, and make it less glassy, and more like a thick plastic…


This is some amazing work, really mind bending stuff.
The only thing that jumps out at me is the relative apparent scale of some of the objects. The cryo chambers look too small compared to the monitors next to them and perhaps the rest of the surrounding hardware. My personal feeling is that they might work better if they were twice as large, but clearly this is from the perspective of someone with no idea of what the context for these amazing set pieces is.

Well done!


BDismukes, I scaled down the monitors, and added in a few more. I also put in a dude into the chamber to show off the scale. Better?

The cryo units are very large, but a lot of the detail I want to fade into darkness. I’m going to have grates and a more complex ceiling, with the machinery disspearing into it.

The guy is a repeat, and I really have him in here to show off the scale. He will be detailed, with wires and oxygen masks and stuff. Also, each chamber will have a different guy with a different state of ‘decay’ about him. Some will just be dead, some will be skeletons where the fluids have drained out of the tubes, and some will be somewhere in between.

Also, the monitors will all have different displays. Some turned off, some with static, and some still reading life support signs (malfunctioned). I even thought of having one where the guy looks tangled up in the wires as if he tried to escape, but got locked in the tube…

C&C as always welcome and encouraged!


the arm-like fixtures to which the monitors are attached feel too bulky and flat, but i assume you want to change them further along the line anyway.

other than that it looks quite nice so far :slight_smile:

keep it coming


Wow. Yeah, I’m definitely seeing it now and nightmarish is what comes first to mind . The toxic results of humanity overwhelmed by its own technology and other picture postcards.

Well done indeed!



Love it!

But I have one crit, please pose the people different. For Industrial created machines (such as these) it is quite normal that all are the same (even thought the cables could use some slight differences) but the people inside the cocoons are living, which basically means moving.
Don’t know how much you still plan doing (I think quite a lot) but now is as good as ever, to make some adjustments to those characters poses. It’ll heighten the illusion that everything is different by tenfold as well as the “reality” check.

-edit- And I need to learn to read better and faster and more :stuck_out_tongue: good stuff!

Nice looking forward to more!



Hey man. Thanks for taking a look at my thread. :smiley: In terms of the ‘bulk’, I want something thats hi-tech, but still a little industrial. Thats why Im using old cathode tube based monitors, just thinned out. Ill experiment with thinner arms on the holders of the screen tho, and see if it looks like they could support the weight!


Yeah-I love the idea of something created to support life ending up being a coffin for its host. Colour wise, I’m hoping that the ‘sick green’ feel of the tubes add a little to the nightmarish quality!


Thanks mate! Hahhaa-yeah, I often skim through threads rather quickly! When the time comes and the structure is sorted out, Im actually going to detail each tube separately for its inhabitant. Adding in cracks, dirt, different displays on each monitor, even a little clipboard base thing with the info of each crew member in each tube. Thats going to fun!!!

Here we have some more work done! The structure is getting there…I want it to have a ‘pseduo industrial’ feel, but also be quite sculptural. I dont want it to ‘look’ ominous in proper lighting (have big spikes and scary looking ‘things’), but have an ominous feel to it in the right mood. A rather fine line to tread!
Those monitoring stations are going to have corpse (or two!) in them, complete with decayed lab coat and general skeleton’ness. I may take one out tho…I quite liked the feeling of this being one massive chamber, and not filling it with ‘stuff’. Perhaps even take out that second floor layer…its not really nessesary!

The chairs were quite fun to design…those things on the sides of the head rests are for projecting a hologram of sorts right over the viewers eyes. I like how its all hitech, but there is still a keyboard and CRT monitor. :smiley:

The second shot is of what I thought those controls would look like, but realised its a little silly for monitoring systems to have the person supposed to be monitoring them with their backs turned to the subjects! Ill definitely use this in another part of the ship tho…its to cool not to!

C&C as always welcome and encouraged!


Super! Keep going. I’d like to see more done with the atmosphere, and the air around the models. Tie them all together, and not just film grain. Cool. Looking forward to more.


Thanks man. Yeah-its a real challenge to get detail out, but still be in darkness. I see what you mean with certain elements not feeling as tho they are part of the hole.

I still wanna add tons of detail to the area’s above the tubes, through the grates, so hopefully with some nice subtle lighting there it’ll bring it all together!


the “arms” are much better now :smiley:

what king of lightingsetup are you using?
in my opinion the turquoise light coming from the left is quite distracting and takes a lot of depth and contrast out of the scene.
i’d try it with just the lighting from the chambers and the monitors and see how that looks. that light aswell as the rim-light feel quite odd since i can’t think of a possible source for them.
if it turns out too dark with just the chambers and monitors you could always add strips of lights running along the major features of the floor so the cables and grated ceiling get some light aswell.

just some thoughts, not sure if that’s what you are going for though.

cheers :slight_smile:


A thought, you could provide yourself with some clever lighting by leaving a few of the monitors running. And then of course having the main cryo chamber lit up.

This is turning out really good! Though I would love to see different type/style monitors used, they don’t have to vary wildly but I am thinking that different monitors would be used for different jobs.


this is looking very cool. yeah I think a different choice of monitors would be good for the scene, considering that it is in the future, they should be more like LCDs. Great job man



Ill take out the turquoise light from the left and see if it increases the depth in the image. It was basically there just to try have some more interest to the lighting, but may not be having the desired affect!

It is tempting to have lights around borders and stuff, but I wanna really try get across the feel of very little power, so running lights and such would be an unnecessary drain on the already draining power source.

Ill definitely throw around more light with a select few monitors. I even filmed some static on my TV last night, so some of the monitors well be completely out of commission, with some having various life support features active.

Thanks for the comments and crit man. I must admit I love working this way, and having intelligent comments helps massively! :smiley:


Thanks for taking the time to visit the thread mate. :slight_smile:

LIke I said above, Im definitely going to try and use the monitors as a source of light.

Ill model some different types of computers and screens tonight, and scatter them around the scene. Ive been doing research on old PC’s (the original MAC’s, Commodores, etc), so have some neat ideas for workstations that I think could still look retro-sci-fi-modern. :wink:
I definitely don’t wanna have big view screens and such tho. I think that maybe twice the size is the biggest I would go. Stylistically I would rather have a collection of 4 monitors, even if I pull the same image over all 4, than one big one.

You have any cool ideas for input devices? Ive done a couple of cool looking workstations with buttons and knobs, based on old radio wave trancievers, but some sort of input for the computers is needed. Not a mouse…but something on those lines. What you think?


Thanks for taking a look here!
I did think about LCD’s, but I think that CRT’s have more…character. And way cooler reflections. They look ‘alive’ even when turned off. I’m perhaps just gonna say this is an alternate future…or for some reason LCD’s don’t work in space. :smiley: I really wanna get a nice balance between extreme sci-fi (the matrix, Minority report, etc), and some sort of cool 50’s designs. Nothing to specific (i’m not gonna be painting flames on the sides of things and having the space suits tin-foil-silver!), but definitely away form the ‘classic’ sci-fi look.

No updates today (went to watch The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button last night…see it if you haven’t, but be aware that its LONG!), but Im gonna try get some stuff out today and tonight. :smiley:

For the finals, Im thinking of doing some sort of ‘clean’ version, with people walking around, full lighting, etc, and then the ghost ship one, and then animating a pan around of the entire scene, having flashes of the ‘before’ cut into the current deserted feel…what ya guys think? :wink:

C&C always wanted and welcomed!


I like the idea of the clean version and broken version you had, that should look pretty snazzy.

As for input devices? Hmmm… You could always use some type of roller ball. Mabye a ball on a pedestal beside each seat, could be set up like gear shift in a car depending on what “gear” their in it controls the different monitors…


Or umm, hmm, this is hard because you have to find that logical line between what these folks, who can cryo freeze themselves for long journeys (and are even capable of space flight), could realisticly do and what the technology should look like all while keeping that retro look.

Where was their government funding spent? They obviously are capable of space travel, and freezing, so where would those two technologies logically lead them to? Better freezers? hahaha :smiley:


Looking very impressive so far. A bit too dark, but the modeling is top top notch.

Excellent job.



Very impressive job, i like the retro look of the screens, i can’t wait to see more! Keep this great job!


UPDATES! I worked on this and I think its coming along quite nicely. I spent some time on the individual pods, adding an element of horror to them.
I also took out the extra seating, just putting in one chair, with a decaying skeleton…cos skeletons rock!

From what I can see, baring any major errors, I just need to add in the hero of our story, recently free’d from his cryo chamber. He is going to be on the right, on his hand and knees, covered in slime and goop, with wires hanging off him…



I love the idea of having the input device on the side of the seat, and you ‘shift’ into the mode you need. Love it!
For input devices, I was thinking of going back to basics, and having a pen. Basically you write out your instructions on some sort of electronic pad, and it translates to the computer.
If you look at the consoles in the above pic, (the ones attached to the cryo tubes), you can see there is a black strip under the monitors…I was thinking that would be the pad you write on. Perhaps its not that clear on this image, but when I do the other pics that have more focus on the consoles, ill try get it across more clearly.

Yeah-finding a balance between futuristic and retro is difficult!


I agree that its coming off as a little to dark. Im going to have another crack at the lighting before I call it final!


Shot mate! Hope you dig the new updates!

Comments and crit always wanted and welcome! Be brutal guys!

Also, any ideas on the next area. I was going to do the medical bay, but that I think would be to similar in style to the cryo tube. We have the bridge, mess hall (kitchens…they can be made to be really freaky!), oxygen garden - with genetically altered fungus designed to produce massive amounts of oxygen…, Cargo bay, etc.


love the new stuff in the chambers as well as the haze up high.
i still don’t like the bright light coming from the right. it creates some really harsh bright spots that draw attention away from the chambers and monitors(which could be a bit more illuminated for my taste) and don’t really add visible interest.
i’d be really interested in seeing the scene with that rimlight being much weaker and cooler and stronger lighting from the chambers and monitors for comparisons sake.

did you consider flipping the composition horizontally? that way the rimlight is - apart from the odd bright spots - far less distracting and leads the eye somewhat nicer through the scene.

i’d love the see the gardenthingy next :smiley: