Sci-fi - "forbidden Planet", Anders Lejczak (3D)


Title: Sci-fi - “forbidden Planet”
Name: Anders Lejczak
Country: Sweden
Software: (Other), CINEMA 4D, Photoshop

“Forbidden planet”

Is it alive?

C4D (vessel), Photoshop & Apophysss (space background). Inspired by the movie “Solaris”.

Not very original but fun to make. Hope you like it.


I like that image, I think it’s very nice, good work!


i like the style of the planet and its rings but mabey more perspective with the spaceship. you only see the rear of the ship but that way it does not give you depth in the image.




yes ! god style ,i like your vision !! very original: )


its nice but theres one thing that bothers me. almost it looks like some 2D works.


very cool! how exactly did you make the vapour rings? i dont use C4D but am curious just the same.



thats really cool love how the scene ties together and love the lighting to.


A beautiful mix of apophysis and 3D… impressive result!




arona ->
Yes it’s because It’s partly 3D and partly 2D. Im sorry that this bothers you.

dahyia ->
The rings are created using Apophysis (fractal generator). The fractal has been copied and rotated a cople of times to fit the planet. It is also colorized in Photoshop.
The glow is created by merging all the fractal layers into one new layer that has been blurred a lot, then the hue was boosted and then the opacity set almost to nothing.


Beatifull result!

Good colour and enviroment!

Simple and excellent!

:scream: yeahhé!


hey Bazze are you kidding?
makes no difference that it bothers me or not. keep up good work.


I love that ethereal effect! and the whole composition is very great. I think a bright colour for the planet and texture of plasma will looks much better :wink:


good work, I like the planet and the space.
Tutorial Lightwave
Tutorial Lightwave


A composition demonstrating much creativity and one refined technique. Congratulations !


i would love that as my desktop background, mind you…i think the spaceship almost ruins what is a very detailed piece behind it.


Cool. Neat to see apophysis used in a piece of 3d work. Nice job.


Very creative modelling and excellent technique. Congratulations !


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