Sci-Fi Character: Kit - Female Model WIP


Character Kit, modeling started in maya.

Will be modeling, rigging, textureing.

here is a ruff sketch i wipped up from a few refrences here and there, i have already begun the modeling will post progress after work.

should be a breeze.

Latest Update:


Looking forward to seeing the final modal. What sort of time frame do you have?


nice sketch

looking foreward for the progress to !

and yes tool rocks ,
please flusch it al away … :buttrock:


Nice sketch, Ill be looking forward to see the 3d version of it with all those nice details.


thx, im working on a robot ferret that the remote controls, and she can carry in the pack on her back. the remote is strapped to the pack, im brainstorming abit more about that entire subject. im off to work, and then i am off for the week, so i really begin tonight when i get home.


Lol my gf was actually interested in this because her name is Kit soo…
And she just bought a bandana.
It looks cool so far.


lol, nice. progress is going, i got pink eye… so i cant seem to work on the computer for to long my eyes get all watery.


ok heres the progression so far, its not much yet, just the upper body pretty much. working on the butt/back and the cut-off shorts atm.

pink eye is gone so i can see now.:bounce:


ok, another update shorts near complete for now. may tweak more later. now on to knees and legs.


Nice concept and the model isn’t bad, but you better ferine the back of the knees and the legs cuz they don’t look too good. Otherwise this is a great idea! Good luck!


I agree with Borro, otherwise it’s coming along very nicely and can we see some wires please.


yeah, i agree with yah lol. i didnt do anything but mark the folding area in the back of the legs… its all good i am about complete with the knee and back of legs. Infact almost complete with the legs entierly… will be hitting up the socks and converse next.


Can we get some wires?


her arms and legs in comparison to her torso look quite large. the model is looking really nice so far though.


you are probably right, i will make some readjustments.

I bought two new monitors today but it seems i have to take one back tomorrow, i cannot for the life of me solve what the problem is with this monitor… the first one is fine. the secound one, when i put it up has discoloration in the left side…
so, i removed the other monitor same thing, moved my computer same thing, moved my speakers same thing… took everything off my desk same thing… until i rotate that monitor 90 degrees it works fine… all by itself it only works when faced 90 degrees away from me.

the other monitor in the same situation works perfectly fine… I have no clue what the deal is here… im going to take it back and get another one tomorrow but i cannot for the life of me figure out why a monitor will only show the correct colors at a 90% angle on my desk when an identical monitor works fine at all angles.


Superb modelling so far, you know what to work on.


Nice concept, and your modelling is pretty good too. What sort of person is this character meant to be? Are they just a normal girl from the future? The reason I ask is because it would help people think up ideas for the robot if they knew what sort of things the robot would be doing e.g if it would be a futuristic pet robot, like a doggy-bot type thing, or does she have a specific job or function and have the robot as a tool, perhaps a bodyguard of some sort.

As for your screen problem, if you havent already taken it back, your could try this: I had screen decolourisation problems, but I solved them by pressing a little button on my monitor’s control panel, that says ‘degauss’. It seems to flush the screen, and solved my decolourisation problems instantly.


thx Skarlath & Helioz.

Helioz thank you much…

Skarlath, thx for the tip… i already have taken the monitor back, hopefully this one will function correctly i can already tell the colors are not doing the same thing, but ill keep my mouth shut for a few hours and see how everything goes… lol.

The robot is supposed to be a pet of some type mabey a cyborg dog. or something of the nature… small and cute is what im thinking. Ideas will be intresting to hear.


No problem, Im sorry I wasn’t able to post it earlier before you took the first one back, it might have saved you the trouble.

As for little cute robots? Well there is a webcomic that a came across a little while back that has a small, cute robot as one of the main character. Im not sure exactly what style you are after, or how humanoid you want it to look or whatever but here:

I picked out a comic that shows a couple of the robots. Its an odd comic, but the robot is cute, so there you go :slight_smile:


lol thats a funny comic, the robots are small and cute. I think im going to go with a half and half dog/robot. dunno what kind yet a smaller breed i asume.