Sci-fi armored alien


Hey all, I’m building this guy to use on my demoreel to show a combination of hard surface and organic modeling ability. The suit is somewhat inspired by samurai armor, but with some futuristic elements incorporated. I’m still not sure if I’ll go with bare arms, or cover them with their own layer of protection.


Wow, very cool, good idea, i also need to do some characters, got stuck up on hard surface… i think that arms would look good in armor, you can equip it with some guns or some other accessories that today’s super heroes and monsters are using :slight_smile:


Stascrash, I think you’re right about giving him some armor on his arms. It would sort of be easier to sculpt his arms and leave them exposed, but it always strikes me as odd that characters in otherwise heavy armor have vital parts totally exposed :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll use what I have happening in the legs as a guide for the arms, so that should make it a little easier on me. I don’t have a set design on paper, so I’m just making stuff up as I go along.

He’s definitely going to have some weapons, and random tactical looking gear in pouches or some sort of load bearing system that sits over the armor in places.

The back is just roughed in, I wanted to see how many plates would look good, and what shape they should be.


nice hard surface modeling:)


looks cool so far :wink: , an armor on the head would be nice.


hi, nice work. i would suggest u not to put more plates at the back of his legs, since usually most of the bullets and hits come from front so i dont think that extra plates at the back would be necessary.
and yes the arms need armor and a helmet would be nice too. considering that this is a combination of traditional customes and modern design i think that the weapon should be the same too. consider a samurai sword or a japanese dagger modified with a hand gun or a machine gun. that would do the work. btw looking forward to see some textures. :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for your comments and suggestions. I’m probably going to make the armor have a color scheme like the ones in this picture:

That dark metallic grey and earth toned color scheme just looks “right” to me, unlike some of the more colorful suits I’ve seen. I’ve got a rough idea for a helmet, and it will be based off this neat looking example:

I’m also going to have a faceplate for the helmet, but I don’t have a solid idea for it yet. I do like how Iron Man’s mask looks, so maybe I’ll try a blend of that with a samurai’s mask, and the alien’s facial features.


Here’s a small update, nothing overly exciting to show:

I’m a bit stumped on the feet, will need to figure out what I want to do with em.


Really cool work.
Looking forward to the helmet and the finished render.
Good luck!



Thanks thondal! Currently I’ve postponed work on this guy until I have some time to really sit down and focus on him… I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment :slight_smile:


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