SCHOOLS for Production Design/art direction for film


hey there peoples.

was just wondering if anyone knew of any good schools specifically for Production Design for film (sets, costume, art direction, etc etc)

i did a google search and found some schools abroad, and im familiar with cal arts/art center/ ucla/usc for film and entertainment design (illustration).

but im a little ignorant if OR where there are good programs for production design

thanks a bundle!



hello friend !

I have also been looking for information on production design !

if any body can answer this post it would be of great help !

i could get only definition of " PRODUCTION DESIGNER " on google

please can anybody on this forum post some information relevant to this topic will be of a great help

i am a 2d effects animator with some basic knowledge in 3d tools



Hey Vindo. BUY THIS BOOK!! .its called Production design and art direction. full of full color drawings paintings, miniatures.

theres seems to be a bunch of other books on production design…but im not sure how good they are. anyone else here read any of them?



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