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Ok, I hate to ask this question. Ive narrowed it down to 5 schools that im really interested into. But im not sure if could get in. If some one could please take a look at my portfolio and reply, that would be very helpful. Aslo i would like to be a 3d animator. I also have some other questions about the school, that i researched on google and couldnt find. So any help would be good help. Thanks in advance ron.

  1. I would like to get a traditional art background along with the 3d background which would be the best for this?

  2. Onsite tutoring?

  3. Which one would be the best to get a education in that isnt limited to just the campus? But actually takes you to studio’s?

  4. I would like a college with extracurricular acitivities. Which would be the best for this?

academy of art university
Art Center of passadena


Well you are asking the right sort of questions and your attitude seems good. I cant speak for any of those schools but im sure someone can help you out.
Im going to be brutally honest though and say that your portfolio at the moment is very weak. Its good that you are drawing and keeping a sketchbook, but i think your work needs some direction from someone more experienced. I would get yourself into some life drawing classes nearby as soon as possible so you can start learning and building a better portfolio.
Keep drawing everywhere you go, its very good practice.
You might want to consider picking up some of the Vilppu training dvds ( or the gnomon dvds ( and get working on the traditional skills.

I dont want to knock your confidence too much, but its much better to hear this now where you have time and it doesnt matter than to just get turned away from the schools u want to get into. I dont think you would get accepted with this portfolio, so i would stress that working on that is a priority.

Hope that wasnt too negative and good luck with everything.



Hi Ron,

I coordinate the 3D program at Seneca College in Toronto, so I can give you some advice from the perspective of a school. I completely agree with Space-Sprayer. You need to take some drawing courses to get you ready for an animation school. I often get the question, [i]if Im applying to a 3D school, why do I need to know how to draw? [/i]There are a few reasons for this. The first is because you need to have a good understanding of composition, weight, posing, and a good eye for creativity. Drawing will help you with all of those. The second, which is what most people dont realize is that learning how to draw trains you to see whats in front of you. Animation is more about understanding, and seeing whats infront of you, rather than creating a pretty drawing, or making things move well. If you cant see whats working in a piece of animation, you cant repeat those success. If you cant see whats wrong or not working, you can`t fix it.

I would suggest when looking for a school to really take a look at each program, and ask questions. Don`t just talk to the school, ask the school to put you in contact with current, and past students. I found this list of questions online a while ago, and its a pretty good list of questions to ask. Some apply to 2D animation more than 3D, but overall its a great list.

  1. Does the animation program teach all of the necessary courses that an animator will need to enter the industry in an entry level position? (assistant animator, layout/background artist, storyboard clean-up, etc.)

  2. Does the program teach other skills such as life drawing, color comprehension, animation history and film studies?

  3. Is sufficient time given to teach the curriculum and is the program fee set at a reasonable cost?

  4. Does the school provide all of the necessary equipment needed for the student to learn and work in the industry?

  5. Are portfolios one of the admission requirements for prospective students?

  6. Who are the course instructors? What are their backgrounds and industry experience? Are they presently working in or have they previously been successful in the industry?

  7. Has the curriculum been developed with input from [industry association] members?

  8. Does the school have an ongoing advisory board with [industry association] members to help review course materials and changes to the industry?

  9. Does the school promote their graduates to the industry through organized interviews, student showcases and/or mail-out materials? Is there a system in place where [industry association] members are given an opportunity to interview graduates?

  10. Does the school invite [industry association] members to talk to classes about their companies, the needs of the industry and how to apply for a job?

  11. Does the school provide a list of recent graduates, where they are working and/or provide access to working graduates for opinions of the school and program?

  12. Does the school help the students to prepare their graduate portfolios/films and help market them to the industry?

  13. Does the school offer students career counselling and in-depth background information about the film industry, both local and international?

Good Luck!


Thank you for the info. Also i am in a community college right now. So, I will take drawing classes next semester and hopefully be able to have the understanding of how to draw better. Then maybe i can enroll in the fall. Also im taking a course in visual foundation, on the creativity that you are talking about i fully understand what your saying. So i will take a course in life drawing, 2D drawing, and what ever else they offer in the form of drawing. Oh another question is there a specific place to post for a review on my portfolio? So then next time people can tell me if im ready or not?


Don’t forget Scad. It has its faults, but in the end its a pretty decent school.


Hi ,
I live in New Delhi,India. I have graduated from high school and i am currently in a studio what teaches softwares like 3Ds Max and Maya. I have spent about 6 months here and we have done basic drawing(live sketches,observation,posing,stick figures) and Photoshop.
I am interested in going into 3D animation (game design), so i suppose i have to do well at modeling. The current studio is not good and classes are not interesting. I wish to study in a good school and was looking at some schools like VFS. Here are my questions :
1 ) Someone advices me to wait, finish some work in India itself and then try to look for schools abroad. However I want to some and learn abroad. Is that risky or too fast? Should i wait,learn and build skills in India itself? Or are there schools abroad that accommodate for entry students like me?
2) Which School !? I know this is a very very difficult question but I have no clue about animation school except for the names i have heard on this forum. However in advising a school bear in mind that i am a beginner and have no demo reel or models (i made a primitive PC mouse,and bicycle). Also suggest one that is more inclined towards gaming industry.

Thanks in advacne. Hope you can guide me :slight_smile:


Hi Ron,

You could probably post your portfolio in one of the WIP sections. If you post it in this thread, I’ll be able to take a look for you.

Good luck with your drawing classes.


Hi Aman,

I don’t want to hijack this thread, so if you want some info, send me your email, and I will give you some information about our courses which I think will suit what you are looking for.



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