"[Schlitzy Screentest contest] John Keates's WIP"


Hello people.

I have managed to grab a quick bit of time to do a little animation of schlitzy. I don’t have a story board as yet so I guess I am breaking the rules but I thought it better to give something rather than nothing before time up.

I am only providing a prj. file as I have yet to clear room enough for a rendered animation on my web space (well, it is a freinds web space really - hope he doesn’t mind).

[Here is the project](http://www.gackland.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/drunk again 1b.prj)

I may post more later.

The script so far goes something like this:


“He he… helo there Schlitzy. I see you have been doing a lot of work getting into your role”



Schlitzy later goes on to explain that he has been doing most of his research down the pub.


I have done a shaded render with no hair (it came out really white in shaded mode).

downlad movie

It came out a bit funny. Looks like the pixel interpolation is a bit off. I tried rendering it out as Targas then rendering them as a rotoscope for compression. I am sure that I used the same resolution for each… never mind.

I am not very experienced with animation (this probably tells). I animated it in an improv way just starting at the beginning and going through then adjusting timings afterwards before adding secondry motion+facial expression. It is not finishe yet. There is some refining to be done with the basic motion, not to mention the feet gliding around the place.

Jim - your model was a joy to work with. He behaved very well dispite his state of drunken-ness. I felt like a plagiarist as my favorite part of the animatoin is the bit when he smiles - which is all your work.

Anyway, I may do some more at a later time. I have the rest of the script in my head. It would be nice to get some feedback on what I have done so far, good or bad. Someone… anyone…


I have just uploaded a new version. I went straight to compression this time, and there are small tweeks to the animation.



I’m getting a 404 on that link to the movie, I’ll give your project file another go.


Just call me Clutzy!!! I made a mistake in the address!! It is fixed now.

  • Mental note: Allways test links -


Ha! That’s a very funny and cute drunk walk. It’s almost child-like in it’s charm.

I like it!



Thanks Jim.

I think a lot of the charm comes from your modelling - it formed the basis of the inspiration. It is funny how the character that one is animating becomes a kind of muse.

I had other inspiration also. I used to know an alchoholic. Actually, alchoholism is a pretty nasty problem and, although my old friend was often very entertaining whilst drunk (which he was most of the time), there was a darker side to his character. I hope to bring this out in later installments.


This time Schlitzy really is drunk. You’ve captured someone trying to master basic motor skills. I love the constant readjustments he makes and his smug smile of achievement at the end. Watch out for those popping knees, move the pelvis bone and the feet to prevent that.
Pray continue!:thumbsup:


Hi Pequod,

Yes, I was worried about those popping knees. It is one of those problems that I tend to put off. I enjoyed playing with the edea that he is struggling against physics. It is like me struggling with animation - trying to gain controll.


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