Schirkoa - Animated Short Film


The 2016 animated short is now available on Vimeo:


World Premiere/ 2016/ LA Shorts/ Winner
SIGGRAPH Asia/ Best in Show
Oscars 2017/ Long List
122 Film Festivals/ 35 Awards

Schirkoa is now being produced as a feature length animation of the same name. The film is currently in production. (


I have just seen this shortfilm in vimeo. It’s nothing short of fantastic. Love the visuals, lot of style there.

Good luck with producing the full feature.



Thank you so much for the kind words. It feels so good to finally share this with CGTalk as it was germinated right here some 7-8 years back.

On to the feature now! :wink:


Thanks for the Featured Award!:grin:


The short is now a Vimeo Staff Pick! Yayy.


Congrats! Well deserved.
May I ask what’s the current state of the feature? I’m curious.
Also, would love to have some tech info:
Software used, renderer, team size, time it took to finish, etc. All related to the short, not the feature.

Congrats again!


Thanks JWRodegher!

The feature is going well, slightly bumpy as I have to handle thousands of other things as the co-producer. Being an art-house animation working with co-investors is sometimes good other times challenging. Planned to finish it by 2020 end, but it might take longer.

For the short,

It was a single machine i7 (3rd gen if I remember correctly) with 1 GTX Titan 6 GB that handled all rendering.
Maya 2014, Redshift for rendering. When I shifted from Mental Ray to Redshift it was still in Beta but really did the job well. Now it is much more robust and rendering for the feature is much smoother.

Photoshop and AE for compositing and Premiere for edit. Mixamo for crowd animation. Google Docs and Dropbox for housekeeping.

As for the team, 3 friends (Yiming Lim, Nicolas Agatha, Milan Padhiyar) from different corners of the world, helped me out voluntarily to do the challenging animation shots, as I am not much of an animator. There were around 14 such shots. Everything else is me.


Oh wow,
Hats off to you for such a great effort. Major respect.

I’m in the process of producing something myself. Working on a teaser/proof concept right now, and I feel your pain even though my thing is much much shorter.

Well, I’ll be keeping en eye on the progress of this IP, plenty of great ideas to explore. Wish you all the best with it.


Thanks man.

My best wishes to you on the proof of concept. Yes it can get little depressing and tough initially but ultimately a fun and rewarding ride.

Thanks again. Shall definitely keep you posted on Schirkoa Feature.


yeap! Major respect