We all know you’re busy…so even if you don’t post work…say hi…tell us something new…like master ortega (may be going to Stan Winston)…(gl on move…let me know if you need some help Miguel especially that ****ing Han solo life size ****ing carbon freeze shit) lol

Everyone has been keeping me up to date…thanks for waiting for the forum…!


I read this:

[b]Before posting, please review the following:[/b]

     [b]"Engage your brain before your mouth.[/b] You are responsible for your own words and any harm they may cause."

Daniel, thanks for setting this stuff up!...and for the posting disclaimer.  Very stopped me in my tracks!    
And Uncle Paul, I promise we'll all make you proud of us!  
Creature Miguel, good luck with moving Han.  Hope all that works out for ya.  Remember, always ask for slightly more than what you really want.  If you don't ask, you won't get.
Full Sail Miguel, dude, we went to the same school and now we're doing a book together. Nice!
Stephano, keep Paul away from your girlfriend.  I can only imagine the amount of bar fights that you've already had defending your own.
Pablo, you always come in to my office but you don't you ever ask me to go to lunch?  I see.
Philip, I heard ILM has all matching black desks and monitors.  That's so feng shui!  Tell Gio not to be spilling his drinks on important people in the cafeteria...and then RUNNING OFF!
Julian, when are you, me and Adam gonna do these DVDs you always talked about?  Get Adam to tell you about the story with the wedding ring and a cave...amazing.
Aaron, can I send you one of your Gnomon DVDs that I bought so you can sign it?  Can I send it to you or to your agent?  Good to meet ya!

I love you guys.



I need to get your materials list and collages for look dev…by no later than the end of September.

So I can start to arrange photoshoots…

is everyone cool with that?


photoshoots…that’s cool, man! so what does a materials list look like? are these like close-up images of different materials? maybe for the sexy man goat (like my wife calls’m) it’s straight forward…hooves, horns…anything human or goat-like would do, i’m guessing. …if there’s anything more, just let me know and i’ll get it to ya.



Jeff yours is the perfect reference…not only does it leave no doubt …but it makes for a good page in the book…thank god yours is easy…old man…and goat…(I still have to shoot goat)…figuring out what to do for that…

I just need thumbnails (like the collage sheet YOU already provided)…(just picks of gorila, goat, old people, etc)…just so we have something to point to…and tell the photographer…and for materials guys…(we may have to make another one for you when we get into hair patterns on chest and legs)…

I may demo a technique used by Farewell atlantis…we shot HDR from the Nikon D3…(it can shoot 9 exposures…or an HDRI full 9exposure bracket in one cklick of a button…) then we correct for lens curve…stiitch and HDRI image…and pull a tone map of the average best exposure…

As for the rest of you lazy bastards!..(we can slide a bit on the modeling side …Phooka will keep look dev busy)…material collage sheet is more important than wowing us with early models!

September Due dates…look dev collage sheets due!


going to be out in san francisco on a buisness trip from Nov 17 - Nov 20 this coming week… Not sure if any of you guys are up there…


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