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Any thoughts and suggestions are welcome,

Say we have a scene file with two shots (read: cameras). I want to use camera 1 for frames 1 - 24, and then have another shot from frame 25- 48. there are objects in the scene with keyframed animation, and the cameras are keyframed as well.

The end goal is to have 2 new scene files, one with frames 1 - 24 and camera 1, and a second with frames 25 - 48 looking through camera 2.

I believe I can just query/set the start and end frames in the timeslider and then use:
“file -rename ((dirname(file -q -sn))+ “/”);
file -save -type “mayaAscii”;”
And thus get the basics of what I want. I’ll have both cameras and out-of-shot animations in both scenes. In fact, the scenes will be identical except the timeslider will have moved. So this isn’t exactly what I need.

What if I want it so that the second scene goes from a native 1 - 24 frame time slider as well, instead of 25 - 48 as originally?

So I’d have 1 scene (say: “”) with frames 1 - 24 of the original scene and camera 1. I would also have a second scene (“”) with frames 25 - 48 of the original scene, but now on the time slider from frames 1 - 24.

I’m wondering how I can move all of the keyframes for the camera, and all objects in the scene down 24 frames so they line up at position 1 of the time slider. Or maybe that isn’t even the best way to do this.

Knowing the camera of the shot, and the frame range of the shot, how do I make the first frame of the shot into the first frame in the scene before I rename and save it out? Thanks in advance.


I didn’t really test it, but I think something like this should work:

string $allAnimCurves[]=`ls -type animCurve`;	 //query all animated values
 for($ac in $allAnimCurves){
    keyframe -edit -relative -timeChange (-24) -time "25:48" $ac;	//move thekeyframes


thank you! what i ended up doing was exactly that: selecting all animated curves and useing the keyframe command to slide them down the slider for each shot.


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