Scene: Sea Hurricane


This is a pic I recently did for a friends story he’s sending off to various publishers…

  1. Very rough 10 min sketch of the general idea
  2. model of the sea hurricane
  3. model of the Me109
  4. render in C4D
  5. Add sky, smoke, details etc in photoshop!


It’s finished, so critique is moot at this point. The 3D work is very competent, no real crits there. The title text really looks poor in my opinion. I get why you did it that way. Presumably not to cover the airplane, but it looks forced. The perspective is off and the effect looks odd since it’s casting a shadow on the sky.

When doing book jacket art, the artist must incorporate the inevitable text into the composition from the early design stage. Here it looks like an afterthought.

Nice models and an inpressive sensation of speed.


Yes…nice work on scene creation. All you need to do is simplify your text, and get rid of the drop shadow.

That shadow is flattening your dimensional scene, and bringing the image up to the text. Separate them and they’ll work better together.



I agree on the advice, Thanks!!..Much appreciated!


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