Scene: inspired by Half Life 2


[b][font=Verdana][color=Red]// A Scene Inspired By Half Life 2 //


                [/b][/color][/font][left][b][font=Verdana][size=1][color=Red][color=white][color=Silver]--- 1. ROUTE KANAL / MANDALINA - FINISHED !!![/color][/color][/b][/color][/size][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]                           [/b][/font]
                                 Morning Glow;
                                  Summer  Bloom;
                                  Railroad  Memory;
                                  Normal  Colors;
      [b][font=Verdana]                         THEMAKING OF[/b][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]                            [/b][/font][b]["THE MAKING OF ROUTE" KANAL / MANDALINA]([/b]
                                                            [b][font=Verdana][color=Red][color=Silver]--- 2. INTERSTATION / KOLODVOR -paused[/color][/b][/color][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]              [/b][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]                           []([/b][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]                      [/b][/font]
      [font=Verdana]              just rendered a small low-quality flyby animation:[/font]
      [font=Verdana]              []([/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]              [/b][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]                      [/b][color=white]modeling the BMX bike for the scene:[/color][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]                      [/b][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]                            []([/b][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]           [/b][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana]           [/b][/font][b][font=Verdana][color=Red][color=Silver]--- 3. WATER HAZARD / REMONT -COMPLETED[/color][/b][/color][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana][size=1][color=Red]           [/b][/color][/size][/font]

----- THE FINAL IMAGE ----

The making of is set to be released around January 2007

      [b][font=Verdana][size=1][:: THE ONLINE INSPIRATIONAL GALLERY OF THE PLACE ::]([/b][/size][/font]
      [b][font=Verdana][size=1][:THE SHIP GALLERY:](                       [/b][/size][/font]
            current wips
[/font][left][font=Verdana][font=Arial Black]THE FENCE TUTORIAL[/font][/font]
[font=Verdana] [font=Verdana][/font][/font]
[font=Verdana] [/font]


i like it, specially how you handled the lighting. But I relly dont like the skull and the water. Dont know why but i think you change them.

Keep it up


Nice idea for a scene:)

Personally, I think the smoothness of the edges on the concrete (eg the round bit around the hole, and the parts that encase the pipes at the end) doesn’t fit with the roughness of the bump map. Maybe try using it as a disp map instead?

Making the walls dirtier wouldn’t hurt either, or maybe a scummy tidemark around the water level.


update !!!


i desaturated the image a little bit


Ok I got the new render with much improvements, anyone wanna coment this ???

I really need to lose the scull.


so here’s the new update, I places some valves on the main pipe and I made a sign “danger” , heh, I gotta fix that…


wow , really nice texturing also concept … Cool work maan ! btw , how you give those textures ? :eek:


i downloaded the wall textures from , then I worked them out in photoshop and mixed the green grass and dirt…


Nice progress. The texturing looks good.

You may want to switch to TurboSmooth and avoid using MeshSmooth. MeshSmooth remains in Max for backward compatability, but TurboSmooth uses less ram and is faster.

Also, for your water it may look better if you place the noise modifier above the MeshSmooth modifier.

I’d also recommend trying MentalRay for the water using the Lume tools for wet and dry objects. This would also be in keeping with Half Life 2 since a lot of their scenes showed different shading for objects below the surface of the water. I think MentalRay can do amazing realistic water, but is extreamly hard to figure out and understand. I could provide a little help, but my water skills are weak.


Love the green algae added to the walls. You’re really adding some depth to your textures from the earlier posts. I would even add more algae, making a harder line a few feet higher, indicating that the water level sat a higher level for some time, before being lowered. Then have the random pattern you currently have above that.


new update, I screwed up on the right wall, i didn’t use specular map, so it went kinda stupid, but I worked it out on photoshop… does the image seem too bright ???
I added some more alge and some more darkness, looks better now. I also bent the “danger” aluminium plate, i worked on the main pipe(the left one)

Well, visit this post regulary, I’m always puting something new on the scene :slight_smile:


that valve wheel on the left looks kinda shiney for something that close to water… :smiley: cool scene man


Try to darken or get rid of some of the white marks appearing on the walls, close to the water.
It doesn’t quite look natural to me. Otherwise great job! I happen to love that game myself. Good luck.


new update !!! And the funny thing is, you’re watching yesterday renders, so I fixed some thing, I’ll post something new soon


Very nice, Half Life 2 is an amazing game.

Only things that bother me on that image (Last render) is the hweel on the left, it looks half ‘normal’ textures and half ‘toon’ shader, as does the pipe above it. Water is a bit dark aswell.

Add a sky and it will look yum


the big valve on the left is a blend of brazil’s advanced car paint and rust, mixed with smoke + some bump and displacement, I think I fixed the reflection look. Also there is a glitch in the right fan, hehe, I forgot to fix the fence so it’s mixing, I fixed that too, and the water, well in HL2 most of the water in route kanal is dirty and poluted, I wan’t to achieve the same effect. The sky comes later, I still need to finish the poll, later on I wil move to the exterier.


Ahh right, yeh water in HL2 is always dark but it does look good. Keep up the good work :thumbsup:


Try grundjing up the textures a little bit…to get the Half-Life 2 look. also, the lighting in that game is very orangey…try adding some of that.


update !!!