scene: For an eternity she has been waiting


For an eternity she has been waiting, waiting for them to come to her place,
The secret of life she will reveal, hoping to change the destiny of their race,
The shooting star has spoken, time is running out
she can’t wait any longer, the day has arrived.

hope you like the drawing, I created a story around the drawing but at the same time its something i had in mind since the beggining

sorry for the mistake i didnt realize I was in the wip section


wow, i cant beleive no 1 has posted, i think its beutiful, i love th colors and the futuristic feel, im lookin forward to the finished peice of work, very nice!


:thumbsup: Great job so far, hope you add more detail to it though. The creativity is fantastic and if it was bumped up a notch or tow in terms of detail it would be a killer piece.


really cool! so surreal…and i like the reflection on the water… the environment is fantasy like. now for the details… i could almost imagine somehing like this in 3d… 3d artists like this genre a lot! :slight_smile: would love to see more


jaja thanks but…the ting is that it is supposed to be finished, but some friends told me that I should fix the leafs, so maybe ill make them darker and also the bright kind of insects in the front, I might change it for other color.

My original idea was to make it a liittle animatic in flash. Im going to put some origianl music that a friend is doing. I will animate the fallen leaf, some stars glowing, the shooting star passing, and the wings glowing etc. then i will have the little poem appearing sentence by sentence. By the way what do you think about the poem? jejeje english is not my first language so it might not be very good.


i agree with ur friends, the leaves and surroundings need to be more realistic to fit in with the girl, may b add some ripples in the water, and make the legs in the water faded, and try to keep the same kind of color pallet, keep the good work up!


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