Scan data - bump map onto mesh?


Hi. I’ve been making some photogrammetry scans using agisoft photoscan and autodesk remake.
When viewing these in zbrush with the texture applied and with the bumpviewer material on, the detail
is amazing. But i understand the bump map is not applied to the mesh, but just a map over the mesh.
Is there any way to stamp this detail onto the existing mesh, granted it has enough poly’s to begin with?
Something like a alpha brush for the whole object at once?


These scans come with texture, normal, and displacement maps as well. But the (autodesk) displacement maps seem to contain no depth information,
they are just grey puzzle pieces. When i apply these to the model, i only get cracks along these puzzle edges on my model.
Can i use these files in zbrush? Or should i try this with mudbox? Maybe i’m missing something in the workflow?