Scaling object by %....?



Any way to do scaling object by percentage…?
Working in some very fine tune model and when scaling it to match it… it goes far away. Any percentage toll or script to enlarge…?



But Ahmed you should know better.:slight_smile:
In coordinates window set middle group from size to scale.
1=100% 0.9=90%


Hi Ton, nice to see you.
Thanks for that but when changing “Z” it reduced again from sides also. Axis is set to base.

Can we lock xyz and by changing any one (x) and set yz auto…?

Not sure but a small script will work in that.


I don’t know if you can lock xyz. It would be a great option.
But when you click Size + and set it to scale it is a good alternative.


Assuming your object is editable … and, you want it to be the same dimension in all 3 fields …
just copy /paste the the “X” or “Z” digits into the “Y” field as shown above.


vid2k2: In your longer image… If I reduce 1 cm from height how much it will be reduce proportionally in X and Z…?

It not better to have option to lock X Y and Z and then change any size ( for example -2) and other set proportionally in auto.


Subtracting 1cm from Y will not affect XZ.
Proportional sizing is easily done using the scale tool on all axis.
Locking one of the axis will scale the object proportionally in the other
two dimensions … you can monitor the effects via coordinate manager.
Things don’t need to be complicated to make them work.


This might help:


Yes… this is one, missing tool in c4d.

Thanks for update.


I made a script years ago that gave you a manager for doing this sort of thing (without screwing up your axis). maybe someone has a copy of it somewhere (I no longer do), but it used to be on this forum for the longest time.

However, if you don’t care about your axis, go to the coordinates tab of the object and adjust the scale value there. If it’s a group of objects place them under a null and scale that. If you want to have normal axis back you simply drag & drop the objects out from inside of the null and Cinema will take care of the rest provided they’re polygonal/spline/point and not parametric.


Thanks. what was the name of that script…?
It will be nice if someone have and share it…!!!