Scaling down a Rigged Character


I’m working with this pre-made rig that doesn’t fit to scale with another pre-made rig that I downloaded. Because one of the characters is too big in comparison to the other character, I want to scale it down to match the proper size difference. Unfortunately, the character I want to scale down is rigged completely, and no matter what I try, the guy does not scale down properly. His torso and face do not shrink at all, and neither do his eyes, teeth and ears. So I tried grouping the curves, clusters, joints and skin altogether, and it almost worked. The body finally scales down normally, but the eyes, teeth, ears, curves and joints do not properly scale down with the body, leaving them detached again despite them being grouped together. How do I fix this problem and scale down the entirety of the character’s features?


It all depends on how the rig system was created and how its ‘underlying math’ (usually vectors/distances, curve lengths, inherit scales, so on) is been calculated.

It might be painfull to reajust all that by analysing the entire hypergraph input/output connections and feeding the necessary values to the rig.

Could you post some screen shots ??


i do agree with Polimeno , i m max user , however u may make use of something called character set in maya and add every thing in the rig other than the body itself (to avoid double scaling) to that character set then trying scaling via this set ithink it will go fine as we have a counterpart in max called character assembly works that way and as far as i know it s the same in maya


To avoid double transformations, eg. if a skin cluster deformation is running on top of the hierarchy, just hit the checkbox ‘inherit transforms’ under the mesh node and Maya will do the right thing for you.

I know nothing about that character set option, I thought it would just group nodes to make them ready for keys… isn´t it ?


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