scale controller's speed test


Hi everyone,

I want to share my test speed profiling of the several scale controllers.
The idea of this profiling is connected with my using “scale_script” controller on my rig for a long time. I do it to exclude the sutiations of the user scale on bones or some rig elements by any chance.
But now I have very big scene and I have to find some ways to optimize it. I think that this script controller can slow down all the scenes when there are many objects with script parsing in scale. There are another good controller - linear scale controller. So I start profilling situation with both script controller and linear controller. The results I got haven’t showed any difference in 3003 animated boxes. I might have found not the best way to do profiling… so I want to share speed profiling script that I have used

What does this script do? It registers new utility with name “profiling” and when you press “GO” button, script plays the animation and starts counting timer ticks… when there are 5 ticks, script stops the animation. After several passes of running this script It makes clear what is the average frame for this scene. So I’ve made two scenes with 3003 animated boxes for both script and linear controller and run profilling for each of them.


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