Scale changes after bone's rotation



I’m working on a project and I’m facing some difficulties with my rigging.
When I’m rotating a child bone in “Pose Mode”, my model gets deformed and the scale seems to be changing.

I already checked that my armature’s scale is set to 1 on all axis.

Could you tell me what might be wrong with my rigging ?

Here’s some screenshots to show you my problem:

My model without rotation:
My model after a rotation:
My armature:

Thanks for your time.


It’s very strange for your rig to be doing that. Try to lock the scale in the N menu so it may not scale without notice. Try your animation a couple of times to see results and alter if needed.


Thank you for your answer.
Unfortunately I tried to lock the scale in “Pose mode” and “Object mode” but it still doesn’t work.

Some screenshots :


That is strange. There is a way to set up constraints on bones so that moving one scales or rotates another. This is how you set up control widgets. Maybe you inadvertently did that? Have you tried to set IK up on this rig?

Check all the parenting on that bone, you might have it parenting to an odd bone that is doing that for some reason.

Also try rotating the bone then select the entire rig and press alt+s to clear the scale data of every bone. Also try alt+r to clear rotation and alt+g to clear location (transform).

If you really can’t fix it, maybe you’ll need to delete your rig and start again? I have had a few things with armatures that I just cannot solve and have had to go this route. I know that sucks but hey, it’s all practice, right?


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